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This works. Make the decision and commit to the program. Definitely take your day 1, day 30, day 60, and day 90 pictures. The proof is in the pictures your clothes and the looks and compliments you receive, not the scale. I will never go back to a health club again.

—Jason, Englewood, CO

I am on my 3rd week of P90x, and the advertisement slogan, it will leave you exhausted and wanting more, could not be more true. I know many people will read this and think I'm a paid person, or some fitness freak. I'm a 24 year old graduate student who barely has time to sleep, but this workout is my incentive to get through the day. My fiance and I bought p90x to get super sonic fit, as Tony says, for our wedding, yet we are finding it is transforming our LIVES.

—Elizabeth B., Columbia, SC

Down to the bone best workout plan and exercises i have ever tried. This is fore people that work out but stoped seeing results. After a few days you will see them. After a few weeks you feel great look great and the results just keep coming.

—Jacob, Alb, NM

I loved this workout program. I hate working out to DVDs, but when my whole family started doing P90X and I saw their results, I had to give it a try. As soon as I hit play I couldn't stop. Its been 90 days and I'm still not bored with P90X. Awesome, give it a try. Especially if you live in South Dakota where its -40 and you don't want to go outside to get to your gym. I live in a small studio, so you don't need much room.

—Trisha, Sioux Falls, SD

This is the best. I have worked out all my life and have even taught aerobics. These tapes are the best in home work out you can get.

—Melissa Martin, Clarkston, MI
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I have just started on week three and just finished Core Synergistics. This Xtreme work out is awesome. I have lost five pond and I can see results in my abs and I feel so much better. I have no problem getting doing my job as a Firefighter EMT now. I have more energy. I have even got my fellow firefighters doing P90X. They do not do it everyday like me but when I come to work we work out together doing the P90X work out. Thanks Tony for your hard work in getting this workout to everyone.

—Robbie Cox, Washington, NC

P90X is a very thorough workout program that focuses on just about every muscle group imaginable. The exercises are easy to follow and Tony Horton is a likable character. I'm 17 years old and was already in good shape, but I wanted a program such as this to give a a guide to follow when trying to get more fit. I just began phase 2 and the results are already showing.

—Weston Ginn, Winston-Salem, NC

I swore I would never buy anything from an infomercial. But, I didnt know about Tony Horton did I. After review, I said man I can do that. Lets give this a try. The results WOW. I am down 15 lbs, I am not ashamed to be seen in a bathing suit, my abs are getting ripped and I am the envy of all my kids teenage friends. Thank you.

—Scott Durward, Essex, ON

P90X is an amazing in-home fitness and strength system. I played Division 1 soccer in college and even with our strength coaches and innovative training the results do not come close to those of P90X. I decided to try P90X after the birth of my first child and I have dropped all of my pregnancy weight and am well on my way to having a better body than before. I will say that P90X is not for the faint hearted. It is not an easy or cheesy workout. It is hard, sweaty and challenging. I am addicted.

—Mallery, Highlands Ranch, CO

This is an absolutely invigorating workout program. It is not for the beginner but if you are sick of your current same ole same ole gym routine I totally recommend P90X.

—Karen M, Madison heights, VA

Just started the program - but in 3 days I'm already starting to feel much much better. Honestly, its been quite easy to follow the nutritional plan, while its been much harder to keep up with the video. Admittedly I have hit pause a few times, especially during Plyometrics. Tony Horton is quite personable and easy to follow, its not a rah rah type of motivation, but more of an educational teacher helping you with proper form. There some catch-phrasings, but it doesn't hinder the overall.

—Linus Sora, Venice, CA

I started to do the power 90x at day 1 and i can tell this work out really pays off, i started to feel my muscle working up, i used the resistance band during the pull ups and i love the progress. can't wait to do the rest.

—Luis Julian Medina, Bayamon, PR

I finished P90X a few months ago. It was the best workout I have ever completed. I am an assistant baseball coach at a division two school in Oregon and I have implemented many of the lifts and workouts into our lifting and conditioning programs. It is a great workout whether you are an athlete or a person who just wants to get into shape. The only common goal you have to have is wanting to be in the best shape of your life.

—Kellen Walker, Monmouth, OR

Above and beyond the most motivating,excellent training program ever. I have only been doing P90X for two weeks now but already I feel an amazingly huge difference.I am using the program to not only get in better shape, but to train for a triathlon as well. I love doing the dvds so much that my two little boys come and watch and do the exercises too.Theyre only 4 and 3. I think there should be a P90X reality show. I volunteer to be on it.Moderately out of shape to AWESOME in 90 DAYS.

—Erin Wood, Sparta, NJ

Wow, where do I start. P90X is amazing. It's been only 2 weeks and I can already see the results. To those out there that are wondering if you should get this program...dont delay any longer by reading this. Just try your best and forget the rest. By the time your done, you'll learn to Bring it like I did.

—Jim Merrill, Menominee, MI


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