Make it even easier to get results

If you lead a busy life, and can't always find time to work out, these shorter routines and extra tools will help keep you on track to getting the body you want.**

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You'll get three speed workouts

  • Speed Sculpt

    Shake up your routine and burn off calories with this quick resistance workout! (25 min.)**

  • Speed Sweat

    A quick cardio routine designed to melt away more fat in less time. (27 min.)**

  • Speed Abs

    Quickly tone and strengthen your core with 5 of Tony's favorite ab moves. (6 min.)**

Results-enhancing tools

  • 2 B-LINES® Resistance Bands

    Specially chosen to enhance your P90® results, these deluxe resistance bands (20 lb. + 30 lb.) take your workouts to the next level.*

  • Yoga Mat

    This padded mat will help comfortably stabilize your body so you can easily focus on proper alignment and balance and get the most out of every move.

  • Horton's Greatest Hits

    Tony chose his all-time favorite moves for this workout that fits perfectly into your regular P90 routine. (37 min.)