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A Healthier Pregnancy
Means A Happier Mom

Staying active is key to a healthy pregnancy. And knowing how to exercise correctly for your changing body can help you feel happier and more comfortable. Now you can keep moving safely throughout all 9 months and beyond with the Active Maternity Series of workouts from celebrity trainer—and mom—Autumn Calabrese.

Autumn will guide you through safe and effective workouts designed to help you stay healthy throughout each stage of your pregnancy.
1st Trimester: Get Stable
Set a healthy foundation for cardio and strength as your body begins to change.
2nd Trimester: Get Strong
Gently increase your strength and stability to help minimize pregnancy aches and pains.
3rd Trimester: Get Ready
Boost your endurance and stamina, and relieve stress to prepare for delivery.
Postpartum: Get It Back
Ease back into your workout routine and learn how to flatten your belly faster.

Meet your trainer, Autumn.


This busy mom, celebrity trainer, and best-selling author revolutionized Beachbody® fitness with her breakthrough hit 21 Day Fix®, which features a simple approach to healthy weight loss and portion control. Autumn continued to empower working mothers with her best-selling portion-control cookbook Fixate®.

Autumn has held certifications in pre- and postnatal fitness as well as from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). She's been featured in LA Parent, served as the fitness specialist for ModernMom.com, appeared on the cover of Oxygen magazine, was featured in Fitness magazine, Shape magazine, Active.com, Popsugar.com, and has even appeared on TV shows such as Home & Family and Good Day L.A.

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You can stream Autumn's prenatal and postnatal workouts for FREE right from your TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet—anywhere you have an internet connection. So whether you're on vacation, or just on-the-go, now you can work out on your schedule.


Watch a Video from the Active Maternity Series:

This 3rd Trimester workout is designed to keep you motivated and active while strategically preparing your body for a smoother delivery. PRESS PLAY

Read what women are saying about Autumn’s Active Maternity Series.

  • I would absolutely recommend these for expectant mothers. I think they are very do-able whether you have previous workout experience or not. I feel they are helping me to keep my body in much better shape during my pregnancy, prepare me for labor/delivery and for a quicker recovery. —Jen C. Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort. Jen C. is an independent Beachbody Coach.
  • While I know every pregnancy is different and every body reacts different during pregnancy, I know without a doubt that I have stayed healthy for me and this baby. I decided this time around to use Pregnancy as a REASON and not an EXCUSE and I am SO glad that I did. —Kacie D. Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort. Kacie D. is an independent Beachbody Coach.
  • I really like the workouts. They are short and sweet, but you actually feel like you worked out and pull a sweat. I would recommend [Active Maternity] to other expecting moms because it keeps you moving and gets that blood flowing and in shape. —Dina S. Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
  • I like the length of each program and I also like that each of Autumn's helpers is in that trimester of pregnancy. I think there is a good variety of exercises in each and I love that weights are used. I also like that the exercises are focused on a strong pregnancy as well as prepping mom for labor and delivery along with after baby comes. Autumn is great. She tailors her workouts to her audience and she's a great example as a mama. —Maja G. Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Special Note From Autumn Calabrese

These workouts were specifically designed for expectant and new mothers with your health and safety in mind. However, it is important that you consult with your physician to understand just how these exercises may affect you, your health, and your baby. Please get permission from your physician before beginning these workouts, especially if you are high risk, had a caesarean section or experience post-partum conditions. —Autumn


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After 14 days, you'll automatically continue your membership for just $39 billed quarterly in advance to the credit card you provided today, until you cancel. You may cancel anytime by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 470-7870
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