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Hip Hop Abs Workout

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Okay, you've tried the hard way—the diets and the crunches that never worked. Now try the fun way—stop doing sit-ups and start dancing with Hip Hop Abs—Shaun T's amazing ab-sculpting system that turns the world's hottest dance moves into ab-tightening, fat-sculpting routines GUARANTEED to give you the sexy, toned abs of your dreams or your money back!

Think you can't get the abs you've always wanted?

They got awesome, "look at me" abs just by dancing. How about you?

75 lbs.
–Amanda B.
"I have lost 75 pounds on Hip Hop Abs...I went from a size 18 to a size 2. I have abs now. I've got a six-pack."
65 lbs.
–Amy J.
"I have 2 kids and a six-pack, thanks to Shaun T!"
17.5 lbs.
–Angie C.
"I love it. Shaun T is amazing. You can just feel his energy right through the television screen. I lost 32 inches all around. I lost 17.5 pounds in the last 8 weeks. I feel amazing..."

What's Shaun'sGuaranteed Secretto losing belly fat and getting the abs of your dreams—without a single sit-up?

Shaun T helped millions get insane results with INSANITY, the hardest workout ever put on DVD. Now he's fixing to get your abs rock hard with the most fun workout ever.

Shaun's secret is his revolutionary dance technique used in all his moves—Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten. It's designed to engage your entire core.

You're literally working your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and obliques at the same time.

You're tightening and toning your abs while you're dancing and you never have to get on the floor to do a single sit-up or crunch.

Stop wasting your time on sit-ups and crunches and start having fun while you burn off the fat and sculpt your abs

19.5 lbs.
–Alexsandra B.
"What you're looking at is two months of some really hard tilting, tucking, and tightening. I don't have the love handles, I don't have the back fat anymore."

No Sit-ups? No crunches?
No going to the Gym?Tell me how that works, Shaun.

"Yeah, you're having a blast—and you're blasting fat and sculpting tight, sexy abs!"–Shaun T

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Get incredible abs for an incredible price...Here's what you get for just                     $19.95 + s&h

  • Secrets to Flat AbsLearn the Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten moves to help burn fat and sculpt awesome abs. (13 minutes)
  • Fat Burning CardioBlast fat and calories—and have a blast dancing to hip hop hits. (30 minutes)
  • Ab SculptShaun shares his secret moves for a six-pack without sit-ups. (25 minutes)
  • Total Body BurnMix Shaun's accelerated cardio and ab-defining moves for total-body transformation. (45 minutes)

THEN, guarantee your success with these easy-to-use tools to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS

  • Step-by-Step Nutrition GuideDiscover the foods that speed your weight loss.
  • 30-Day Workout CalendarFor jaw-dropping abs, Shaun designed this day-to-day guide to give you max results.
  • Measurement Card & Tape MeasureChart your progress as the inches melt away.
  • 24/7 Online SupportLive chat with Shaun, and tap into an entire community working to help you succeed.

Plus 4 free bonus gifts!

  • Free Bonus Gift #1 Hips, Buns, and Thighs The ultimate answer to your problem areas so you can get skinny-jean fit fast!
  • Free Bonus Gift #2 Results on the Run Diet Guide Forget fast food failure—eat right the Shaun T way.
  • Free Bonus Gift #3 6-Day SlimDown Plan Want to lose up to 3 inches off your waist the first week? Here's how.
  • Free Bonus Gift #4 Hips, Buns, and Thighs 3 full-length Shaun T favorites—Take It to the Dance Floor, Hip Hop Groove, and Last Minute Dance—to rev your metabolism and dance your way to the abs you've always wanted.

Awesome Abs. An awesome deal!We're talking a $400 value
for all this.

But forget that—order now and get the COMPLETE Hip Hop Abs Workout—and the abs
you've always wanted—for just $19.95 (+s&h)!

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A $400 value! Only $19.95 (+$7.99 s&h)
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! (less s&h)

Order now and Shaun will add2 Free bonus workouts!

  • Free bonus workout #1 Last minute abs: Find out how to get tight, toned abs when you're tight on time.
  • Free bonus workout #2Last minute buns: Short on time? No worries—Shaun's got the perfect way to tone in no time!
Hip Hop Abs

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81 pounds, 75 pounds, 65 pounds—by the time you finish Hip Hop Abs, you'll need to trade your fat clothes for some fab clothes.

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YES! I want to lose inches off my wait. Order Now.

A $400 value! Only $19.95 (+$7.99 s&h)
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! (less s&h)

Why Hip Hop Abs is the LAST workout you'll ever need.

You've tried the sit-ups and crunches. You've gone to the gym. But none of it worked.

And that's why this time—you're going to get results.

You see, Hip Hop Abs isn't work—it's fun. It's dancing. Dancing with purpose, burning fat, hitting all your problem areas, and giving you a fat-scorching, ab-blasting, total-body workout.

And because it's fun—you're going to want to do it, day in and day out, until you get those tight, toned, super-sexy abs of your dreams!

20 lbs.
–Donna M.
"I've probably lost the same 20 pounds about 10 or 12 60 days I lost 20 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. One of my friends said to me, 'Damn, you look hot!'"

Still Not Sure?Give Hip Hop Abs 60 days—RISK-FREE—and see!

You've seen the savings. You've seen the Success Stories. Now see what Hip Hop Abs can do for you. 60-day Money Back Guarantee (less s&h)!

20.5 lbs.
–Kristy D.
"Shaun T did what I needed him to do. He motivated me, he inspired me...he pushed me and I saw results so quickly it motivated me to do more."

You've tried crunches. You've tried sit-ups.Now get the Abs of your dreams with Hip Hop Abs!Finally, love the way you look—in photos, in the mirror, and in your bikini!

Try Hip Hop Abs today for just $19.95

YES! I want to lose inches off my wait. Order Now.

A $400 value! Only $19.95 (+$7.99 s&h)
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! (less s&h)

"Don't say yes—
Say Hell Yes!If I lost 50 pounds dancing...I know you can,

See you on the dance floor!"

—Shaun T