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Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer® Deluxe TM-DLX Accelerate your results when you expand your 10-Minute Trainer collection. Get more of the best and most efficient workouts ever! Plus get 3 FREE gifts! text/products/programs/10minutetrainer/deluxe/redirect.html /product/ /beachbody/en_us/products/programs/10minutetrainer/deluxe/10_minute_trainer_deluxe_thumb.jpg

A $180.00 value for 2 payments of $39.95 (+$9.95 s&h)

10-Minute Trainer Targeted Results Kit

Power Up Your Results

Want to pack even more fat burning and muscle sculpting into every 10-minute workout? Get the 10-Minute Trainer Targeted Results Kit and push your body to maximum results with 6 additional time-saving workouts and 2 heavier resistance bands to torch calories and send your metabolism soaring.

10-Minute Trainer Targeted Results Kit You Get All This!

6 Fat-Blasting, Body-Shaping Workouts

  • ONE on ONE LowerFollow Tony's moves to firm and
    strengthen your quads and glutes.
  • Plyo IntervalsDramatically enhance your athletic performance with this jump training workout!
  • ONE on ONE UpperDefine your shoulders, arms, and back
    with this upper-body blowout.
  • Cardio IntervalsKick your metabolism into high gear with
    fat-blasting, high-intensity drills.
  • Chest & BackUnique moves geared to get you
    strong FAST!
  • Friday Night ArmsTony's favorite time-tested workout for
    strong, defined arms.
  • Plus:

    Two Pro-Grade Resistance Bands(includes one set of handles)
    Tony's heavier bands intensify resistance to sculpt long, lean muscles and break through plateaus—for even faster results.
  • And 1 Free Gift:

    10 in 10 Weight Loss PlanShed up to 10 pounds in just 10 days!
  • Plus Our 30-Day
    Money-Back Guarantee:

    If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling), no questions asked.

A $180.00 value for 2 payments of $39.95 (+$9.95 s&h)