Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple
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yoga booty ballet®
pure & simple yoga

Gillian Marloth Clark takes you through an exhilarating routine that helps you get toned and slim as you enjoy classic yoga without any difficult choreography.

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Total Body. Total Mind. Total Wellness.

Gillian Marloth Clark, creator of Yoga Booty Ballet, distills over 15 years of yoga experience into this 30-minute routine. No dancing or fancy choreography. Just classic yoga poses that will recharge and reenergize you while they slim and tone your body. Studies have shown the numerous benefits of this ancient practice.

  • Flexibility. These poses will gently and safely stretch your muscles—releasing the lactic acid that can cause soreness or fatigue—while helping you increase your range of motion.
  • Strength. The routine will help strengthen all your major muscle groups, especially building the core strength so critical to a healthy body.
  • Heart and lungs. The special breathing techniques used will increase your lung capacity. Yoga has been proven to help lower blood pressure, which can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Mood. Yoga relaxes the mind as well as the body. The biochemical responses triggered by yoga have been shown to help lower stress, calm the mind, increase mental focus, and elevate mood.

Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga

features three levels of difficulty, so you can continue to challenge yourself as you work through the poses. It's the perfect way to unwind or de-stress at the beginning or end of your day, or add it to your regular workout routine to stretch out before or after your workout.
available on 1 dvd
Just $19.95 (+$4.95 s&h)
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