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Judging by the many great results I've seen on Beachbody.com, I'm sure that my story is not unlike many who have used this amazing program. Everyone involved with your company should be proud on account of the many lives that have been changed by health and fitness.

I am a 37-year-old career firefighter. I came into the fire service fit and trim, having gone through a very vigorous training academy. Gradually, as I found ways to keep myself busy with stuff other than exercising and with age slowly catching up to me, I could no longer get away with my terrible eating habits. I started to gain weight to the point that I needed new clothes. In denial, I dismissed it as normal "age pounds" and saw it as not being that bad. I traveled down a dangerous road of fad diets that worked to a degree, but as soon as I stopped (because I never intended to stay on them anyway), I would gain back all of the weight plus more. I knew this was not a healthy or sound solution, but I was looking for that infamous "quick fix." In the meantime I went from 225 pounds to a startling 283 pounds, with a huge gut, ill-fitting clothes, and medical conditions related to that wonderful fad dieting. I am convinced that the extra weight contributed to a herniated disk, which kept me from being able to do anything for quite some time.

I felt helpless. Deep down I knew the key to good health was a lifestyle change of hard work, nutrition, and exercise. But I lacked the confidence and the organization to do it. My wife, Dana, saw the Power 90 infomercial on TV and wanted to get the program. I watched skeptically, because I assumed it would be another magic "fat pill." When I saw the show and looked at the Web site, I became enthusiastic about the program because it was based on sound principles. I was motivated by seeing other ordinary people just like me with great results. I knew right then that this was going to work for us. We eagerly awaited the program and started planning on a lifestyle change.

My starting point was dismal. I am 6' 5" tall, and weighed 283 pounds with a whopping 33 percent body fat. My vitals were still somewhat reasonable, but I looked and felt terrible. I had noticed a marked reduction in stamina on the fireground (and other areas), and at one point I was put on a heart rate monitor for precautionary reasons. (Heart attacks on the fireground are one of the leading killers of firefighters.) I attacked the Power 90 program with resolve and determination. I felt a little strange doing things like arm raises, yoga poses, and side hops, but soon I found out how out of shape I really was and was too busy gasping for air to worry about how I looked.

I lost count of the days after awhile, and just kept Pushing Play. I started to become more careful of what I ate. I realized how much work I would need to do in order to burn off something as silly as an ice cream drumstick—hardly worth 45 minutes of hard-earned sweat! Sometime after day 90 we ordered the Power Half Hour series, and I started mixing it up a little. We had been using the resistance bands and I started putting free weights into the rotation. My favorite routine became a half-hour abs workout sandwiched between two Sweat 3-4 routines.

Before I knew it, eight months had raced by and the results were amazing! I had lost 70 pounds, dropping down to 212 pounds, and I hadn't weighed under 220 since the 10th grade! My waist size shrank from a tight 44 to a loose 35. My body fat decreased from 33 percent down to 10.5 percent. My vitals were transformed. My resting pulse rate went from 66 down to 52. My blood pressure went from 130/80 down to 106/66. I can work some of the younger guys into the ground now, and I know that I'm a lot safer being in good health.

I've heard it said that you can't put a price tag on good health. I would have to agree. The confidence that I regained, the energy and the ability to "lift large shrubbery," make every penny invested into Beachbody programs one of the best investments I've made in my life. People who knew me before Power 90 have said that if they saw my "before" and "after" pictures without having seen me in the process, they would not believe the pictures were real. I thank everyone involved with your company and its products, from the bottom of my pumped-up heart.

Dan W.

P.S. You guys should check out my wife (I say this in the proper context!). She looks great and we have enjoyed doing this together. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is serious about turning it around.

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