Christine A.

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December 2002


Time and time again people are proving how wonderful the Beachbody products are. Like many before me, Beachbody has allowed me to make positive changes in my life.

When I was younger I was very active in sports, but have developed very poor eating habits. I thought that Coke and chips was an acceptable meal before a basketball game. I would fill up on chocolate bars before swim meets. Salt and vinegar chips were my favorite bedtime snack. As I got older I slowly began to gain weight. Eventually I stopped exercising and my weight ballooned up to 220 lbs. It stayed here for many years.

After the birth of my first daughter three years ago, my weight had jumped up to 250 lbs. I decided that I had had enough. I began to eat properly, following the food guide and cutting out the junk. I managed to get my weight down to 190lbs after a year. I then discovered I was pregnant with my second daughter. Determined not to make the same mistakes again, I made sure I was eating better. Eight months after my second daughter was born I got my weight down to 195 lbs. It stayed there for many months.

One fateful Saturday afternoon I was watching TV with my girls. Their show had just finished when an infomercial came on. I normally turn those off as soon as they come on, but for some reason this one caught my attention. No gimmicks, no easy way out. Power 90 seemed like an interesting program, and I got excited by Tony's enthusiasm.

I didn't buy the program right away. I spent the next several days doing some research. I checked consumer groups, online reviews and finding positive results. I finally ended up at the Beachbody message boards. I was stunned! The amazing people and their pictures that were posting blew me away. I wanted what they had - a positive outlook on their lives and positive changes in their health. After seeing the amazing pictures of Virginia, I was sold. Her outlook on life and exercise was what I wanted to have. I wanted it for myself and for my children. After talking it over with my husband, I ordered Power 90.

I haven't looked back since.

In 90 days I lost 24 lbs and 19 inches. My friends and family couldn't believe the changes in me. Since my 90 days I have continued on working with the Power Half Hour series in combination with Power 90. I have lost track of what day I'm on, but I think it's around day 200. I have lost an addition 11 lbs since day 90, brining me down to 165 lbs. I have a renewed sense of self. I am so much happier, feel healthier, feel sexier and am proud of myself. I am doing things that I always wanted to do, such as belly dancing, and not feeling embarrassed by my weight.

But for me the best thing that has happened has been in influence on my children. My three year old likes to "play" exercise. She will try and do pushups, sit ups and running in place. She will ask me "Where's Tony mommy?" if I don't push play. I am so happy to know she will grow up knowing how to properly take care of herself. And for that there is no greater reward.

Thank you Beachbody and Tony. :)

Christine A.

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