Beachbody® Submission Guidelines

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Beachbody is constantly developing new breakthrough products, from fitness, to healthy supplements, beauty products, accessories, housewares, online applications, etc.

In general, we develop programs internally. However, we also understand that people may be interested in submitting their ideas for possible development and marketing within the Beachbody business model.

Only programs and products which promise to uphold if not improve on our standards and reputation for premium and innovative products are considered for our brand portfolio.

For the programs that do meet those standards, it is important to understand that Beachbody retains 100% ownership of all rights to our products and programs. We do not license products or programs from third parties.

Please note that we do not sign non-disclosure agreements to review any submissions or for follow up conversations, as we are continually provided many overlapping ideas, not to mention what we are already working on internally. At any one time we have more than a decade's worth of concepts in line for preliminary and possibly further review. Of those that are truly unique, only a VERY select few will be advanced for further review.

If you believe your new product or program meets these expectations and will fit within our exclusive brand portfolio, you may send your ideas, product samples, training videos, or program demonstration submissions as set forth below.

NOTE: Any and all submissions to Beachbody, LLC, Beachbody, Team Beachbody®, Breakthrough in Beauty®, and their affiliated entities and employees are governed by the terms and conditions below. By submitting any samples, ideas, videos, or other materials, you agree to all terms and conditions and guidelines set forth herein.

If you would like to continue with these submission guidelines please click Continue below.


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