In The Press: "From Average Joe to Slim Sean", Your Diet, June 2004

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Your Diet, Summer 2004—From Average Joe to Slim Sean

He's ready to go back into the hot tub now. Here, Sean Pashley shares the recipes that helped him lose 90 lbs.

The last time we saw Sean Pashley, in February, he was getting bounced by Average Joe: Hawaii's Larissa Meek, and he was seriously out of shape—320 lbs. on his 6' 1" frame, 54 inches around the waist and sporting, as he puts it, "man breasts." Larissa should see him now! Pashley, 26, a Philadelphia chef who blames his weight problem on his career, has turned his cooking skills to the cause of weight loss. Now, thanks to diet and exercise, he's 230 lbs., his waist is a 36, and "I'm down to a size Large shirt," he says, "which I don't even think I wore in high school." His turn­about, prompted by his embarrassment in a hot tub on Average Joe, started right after he was booted. "I was so focused and ready to lose weight," says Pashley, who eats hearty portions but switched to healthy food. "I started running three miles a day, working out pretty hard every other day. And I started creating new recipes like turkey chili." In February he enrolled in Beachbody, a diet-­and-exercise regimen that stresses six-day-a-week cardio and strength workouts. Pashley, who shares his slimming recipes in the following pages, hopes to publish a cookbook. In the meantime he's ready to meet Larissa again. "I told her I was just retaining water," he says. "When I see her, I'll tell her I got rid of the water."

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