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Scholastic News, February 2005—On the Move

Kids at one Tennessee school take steps toward a lifetime of good health.

Dwayne Reed is doing it to get in better shape for football. Ty Foren is doing it to strengthen his stomach muscles and gain more confidence. Heather Butler is doing it in hopes of becoming a professional basketball player someday. Madison Morris is doing it to lose 10-15 pounds and be able to run faster.

Just what are these kids doing? They are working out—big time.

These are just four of the nearly 200 students at Medina Middle School in Medina, Tennessee, who are taking on a physical fitness challenge. In January, they began a 90-day fitness program called Power 90. They sweat through rigorous 45-minute workouts in their daily physical education classes. In April, they'll measure their accomplishments.

Each student has a different personal fitness goal, but they all share the same mission: They want to help inspire kids throughout the U.S. to get into shape.

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