In The Press: "Yoga Booty Ballet: 'Goddess Booty' with Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough",, June 2007

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Yoga Booty Ballet: "Goddess Booty" with
Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough

Leslie Barrie
June, 2007
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I sit at a desk for eight hours every day, which has resulted in a fear that my booty will be completely flattened—pancake style—in a couple of years. This fear has developed into a curiosity for all exercises aimed at working the rump, so, needless to say, I was pretty eager to try the new "Goddess Booty" workout.

Goddess Booty is led by Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough, two extremely animated women—they reminded me of the quirky cousins from My Best Friend's Wedding, only they're in Muscle & Fitness shape. At times Gillian and Teigh seem cartoonish with their exaggerated facial expressions and enthusiastic mantras like, "My enriched inner beauty is now reflected in my outer body," but they do keep it entertaining.

And the workout doesn't disappoint. It's twenty—one minutes packed with booty-burning exercises. The DVD starts by generating some heat or rajas, by rubbing your hands together, and channeling your inner beauty. It then jumps right into the booty workout, with most of the leg-lift exercises done on the mat and the rest in standing ballet positions.

A few of the movements require coordination, especially for the "thread the needle" and some of the ballet moves, but for the most part they're achievable no matter your fitness level (and no ballet skills are required). The most difficult part of the workout is actually having the booty-power to hold a few of the raised-leg positions, which I think will get easier once you repeat the workout and have strengthened your hip flexors.

When I finished Goddess Booty, I had a tingling sensation around my hips and booty—a sign that the workout did its job. I also appreciated how it was only twenty-one minutes total—it didn't linger and I could fit it in before work! My only disappointment came when I didn't get to do any booty shaking dance moves—I kept waiting to find my inner Beyonce.

While some may be turned off by the enthusiasm of Gillian and Teigh, their energy is contagious, which makes for an enjoyable (and beneficial) booty workout.

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