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Dear Beachbody,

I have battled my weight since I was a young boy. I was always the "husky" kid. You know, the kid who'd always wear sweats or have his mom hem up his jeans because the ones that fit were made for someone a foot and a half taller. Yeah, that was me. I was always embarrassed about my body as far back as I can remember, and as a result, I became very shy and antisocial.

In middle school I began playing sports, which helped control my weight some, and I did build some muscle, which helped disguise all the body fat. I did a fair job of maintaining my weight through high school, even though my diet was terrible (my five basic food groups were: the hamburger group, the pizza group, the taco group, the deep-fried-anything group, and the soda group). When I graduated I was 6' 2" and weighed 220 pounds. Until now, that was the best shape I'd ever been in.

A quick tour of the next 12 years:

  • I married (and gained some weight)
  • Had a child (I think I got pregnant too!)
  • Had back surgery (ruptured disk, probably at least partially due to being overweight)
  • Divorced (the first time I'd lost weight since my teens)
  • Remarried (gained back all the weight I'd lost, plus some)
  • Had another child (holy $%*! I'm huge)

Just after Christmas 2003, I weighed in at 297 pounds!!! It was very hard for me to accept that I had grown so heavy (I was in denial BIG-TIME). I would look in the mirror and say to myself, "It's not so bad," and go eat a pizza. Junk food was still a regular part of my life. I'd say we were eating out at least once a day!!! To make things even worse, I had also developed quite a soda addiction, to the tune of about 12 cans a day!

In April 2004 my wife, Jessica, feeling the stress of trying to lose the weight from pregnancy, stumbled across the Power 90 infomercial. We had tried a few other diets in the previous months, with the typical fad-diet results (lose a few, gain a bunch), and she really wanted to find something that would stick—a life changer, if you will. She told me about what she had seen, and said that she'd like to try it. I was skeptical at best, but went along with it anyway.

When the package arrived, along with the variable resistance bands, we read through all the pamphlets and browsed through the DVDs. Whoa!! This was going to be a major change. (On our last diet, we could eat a pound of bacon smothered in cheese if we wanted to. No comment as to whether I actually did that.) Exercise had not been a regular part of our lives for years. Needless to say, Power 90 sat in a dark corner for a couple of weeks.

Finally, we decided it was worth a try. We resolved to stick to the top three tiers of Michi's Ladder (mostly the top two), and see how it would go. So off we went on our Power 90 journey.

I had actually managed to lose about 10 pounds in the month prior to starting the program. Probably the biggest factor in that was giving up the 2,000-plus soda calories I had been consuming per day! So on day 1 of Power 90, I weighed in at a not-so-svelte 287 pounds.

I'll tell you now, within two weeks I was hooked. Not that those two weeks were fun by any means. Quite the contrary—I thought each workout was going to kill me. But with the support of my wife, and the great motivation and inspiration that Tony Horton provides in the videos, I pushed on. In the first two weeks, I went from 287 pounds down to 268. A 19-pound loss in just two weeks! This was amazing! More amazing to me was the fact that I went from barely squeezing into my size 42 (probably should have been 43 or 44) jeans to just about falling out of them. This was great! That's not all, though. I was starting to feel more energized. I felt motivated to get up and do things, not just hold down the couch all evening. I knew I was far from done, but I was beginning to feel good about myself and this program.

Great things just kept on happening. As day 30 passed, I had dropped to 256 (12 more pounds) and was starting to feel a little loose in my size 40s. Day 60 marked another great day: I weighed in at 244 pounds and fit nicely into a pair of size 38 jeans, something I had not been able to do for at least four years. My shoulders and arms were starting to show some definition. I could feel the so desired 6-pack beginning to form under my skin. My face was beginning to lose that bowling-ball appearance. Fantastic! So at 60 days, I had achieved 43 pounds and four (but probably more like five or six) pants sizes lost, and a ton of confidence gained!

Day 61 was the beginning of the level 3-4 workouts. Holy cow, feel that burn!! But I'll tell you what, it felt good. Any time I even thought about giving up, I'd just look at and listen to Tony constantly pushing us to go for it, look at Jessica and see how hard she was working, or think of the incredible results the last couple months had brought me. That was all the motivation I needed.

Day 90 arrived, and what a feeling of accomplishment. Both Jessica and I had come so far in just 90 days (Jessica intends to tell her own story when she's ready). I was so proud. I looked and felt so much healthier. I had gained incredible amounts of self-confidence, something I've lacked my entire life, and Tony Horton and Beachbody helped me find it in myself. Power 90 is it, the life changer. It really is. I thank you all so much, as do my wife and children. By the way, our 8-year-old daughter loves to do the workouts, too. She's now doing Tony and the Kids!. Our 18-month-old loves to dance around to the music in the videos, and even mimics some of the moves (it's hilarious). Power 90 has made life better for all of us.

Oh, the final results of my first 90 days, you ask? Drumroll, please... Day 90: 230 pounds, size 36 pants (haven't been that small since high school). Weight loss: 57 pounds, dropped six pants sizes, and have two less chins!

I continued on with Power 90 after the first 90 days. Here are my results after I completed day 215: 195 pounds (the last time I weighed 195 pounds, I was 15 years old). My waist size was down to 33, getting close to 32. That was absolutely incredible to me. I wore size 32 pants when I was in the sixth grade!!! I was, without a doubt, in the greatest shape of my life. And then...


I can honestly say that I went into the P90X program thinking, "How much more could this really do for me than Power 90?" Man, did Tony ever have a surprise in store for me!!

I approached P90X with the attitude that I would push this program to the limit, every day! I realized very quickly that this wasn't any little goof-around workout—this program pushes back!

I had been doing Power 90 for about eight months before switching over, and hadn't been really sore in quite some time. Three days into P90X, I felt like I'd just spent 30 minutes in the ring getting pummeled by a pro wrestler! These videos were taking me to school. Yeah, I was in good shape, but I quickly learned that I was capable of being in ELITE shape, and P90X could definitely get me there!

It's truly obvious from the start how much effort Beachbody put into creating this fine product. The workouts are tough, but fun at the same time. The program works every muscle you knew you had... and some muscles you didn't even know were there!!! There's no way to get bored here, either. There is an excellent mixture of workouts, from Kenpo X, to Plyometrics (truly "the mother of all workouts"), to Yoga X (anyone who's never tried yoga and thinks it's just goofy, I dare you to try this!!).

Within weeks of starting P90X, I started seeing big changes. Definition in the abs, shoulders, and legs. The last little bit of extra chin disappeared. Veins were popping out everywhere!! I'd look in the mirror after a resistance workout and think I was staring at the Hulk (minus the green skin and torn clothing)!!

After 90 days of P90X, I dropped another five pounds, down from my original 297 to 190—that's 107 pounds in less than a year!! I finally got down to that 32-inch waist (never would have believed it was possible before finding Beachbody). What I was really excited about was that I gained an inch of muscle in both my chest and arms!! WOOHOO!

Equal kudos must go out to the P90X nutrition plan as well. This is as well-thought-out a plan for fat reduction and lean muscle gain as I've ever seen. Beachbody obviously did their homework here. While I may not have stuck to the exact recipes included in the plan, I used the calorie and carb/fat/protein guidelines throughout my 90 days. Without a doubt, it works.

Thank you, Tony Horton, for Power 90 and P90X. And thank you, Beachbody, for creating such amazing products. You've truly given me a new and much more rewarding life!

Aaron M., "airdog"

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