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Dave170's Top Ten Ways Beachbody® Has Changed My Life

10. Had to relinquish title of "King of the Cannonball" at community pool.

9. "Fat" stretch marks being replaced by "muscle" stretch marks.

8. Money saved on fast food and Crisco alone could pay children’s way through college.

7. Money spent on supplements will ensure it is the community college down the road.

6. No longer have to use boomerang to put on belt.

5. After years of enduring the agony of simply not knowing, the mystery has been solved; I, Dave, do indeed have a butt.

4. No longer have to go through embarrassing situation where I give my wife my "seductive look" only for her to reply, "In your dreams, fatboy."

3. Sweat actual sweat, instead of gravy.

2. Constantly closing doors and drawing shades during workouts to ensure that NO ONE except my immediate family ever witnesses me doing wacky jacks.

And the Number One way Beachbody® has changed my life:

1. Next year, will attend 20-year high school reunion, LOOKIN BETTER THAN WHEN I LEFT!!!!!

Awesome Results! Thank You Fitness Advisor!
by Millie

Thank you to the Fitness Advisor for your suggested workout program and Tony Horton for those unbelievable videos!

A month or so back, I asked the Fitness Advisor for a workout schedule to burn that "last hurrah" layer of middle tire fat. I tweaked it a bit to fit into my schedule. For eating, I've combined the advice from Michi's Ladder and the Formula/Zone and tried to make sure I ate protein with my complex carbs when I didn't have the time to measure everything out. It has worked so great that I just can't believe it!

At 5'2", I'm down to 122 lbs, the same weight as my wedding day, 17 years ago! I've gone down at least two sizes in clothes. The "last hurrah" layer is slowly fading.

I haven't been able to follow the 3 hrs. before bed rule, so it's taking a little longer for that. I tried, but my hunger kept me awake all night, and then it was harder to work out because I was so tired. Unfortunately I was too embarrassed to take before pictures. Now I wish I had them!

If anyone wants to try it, here is the schedule that worked for me.

Monday: Power Half Hour™ Arms + Power Half Hour™ Abs
Tuesday: Cardio 3/4 + Abs. 200
Wednesday: Sculpt 3/4
Thursday: Cardio 3/4 + Abs. 200
Friday: Power Half Hour™ Thighs + Power Half Hour™ Buns
Saturday: Sculpt 3/4
Sunday: Rest day or Power Half Hour™ Stretch

Thanks again!

Recipe: Protein Shake That’s Yummy!! By Wingkickbutt

1-cup frozen strawberries
1-cup peaches, frozen or fresh
2/3-cup water
Chocolate flavor whey protein powder (1 scoop is about 24 grams, I use less then one scoop for 20 grams)
2 tsp granulated fructose (can be found at any healthy grocery store)
2 3/4 tbsp. sliced almonds

This is a lunch shake for the meal replacement but I use it for dinner, especially if I’m going to do crunches! Then I really burn it up in sleep time! I have found it to be very creamy and almost dessert-like....

Have fun! Cindy ~


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BUN SHAPER The ultimate 30-minute bun shaping solution. Guaranteed to reduce, lift and shape those buns.

ARM TONER Biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. A complete upper body blow-out.

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Free Bonus! And to keep you motivated, we’ll include our full Internet Support Package with CD-ROM software so you get live 24/7 access to the Beachbody® Support Team, message boards – and even your personal trainer, Tony Horton, absolutely free!

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