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Keep everything you love about your life
today, and add the nutrition, fitness, and
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feel great.

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This Is How You Succeed

Get fit and lose weight if that’s your goal. Easy-to-follow workout plans, new programs each month so you can start fresh, easy meal planning approaches, and mindset guidance for mental health-this is what Health Esteem is all about.

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FREE: For Beginners Only

If you're a beginner, or picking up the weights again for the first time in a while, our newest Super Trainer Lacee Green is here for you. Join her to find your rhythm, work on your form, and feel great everytime you press play.


Ditch the diets

We’ll help you see food differently and love every bite. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Feel great fast with simple eating plans, over 1,000 delicious recipes, and even a gourmet superfood dessert that will blow your mind.


Change your mindset

Reality check: You can love who you are today and still work toward your health and fitness goals. We’ll show you how, with weekly motivation and Mindset Master Classes from top experts that’ll help you high-five the person you see in the mirror.

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Everything you need is right here. From your living room to a hotel room, you can take BODi with you anywhere you go.

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