Strength Training DVDs


Strength Training Workout Programs and Weight Lifting Workouts

Your strength training should be a comprehensive plan that works all of your muscles. Fortunately, the strength training DVDs from Beachbody® give you total body workouts, and don’t focus solely on one area. The strength training workouts in P90X®, for example, are rotated in with cardio fitness workouts and even yoga. The best strength training programs work all of your muscles so you won’t over train one area and risk injury.

Strength training produces many physiological benefits. Strength training DVDs are a great place to find these strength training workouts that will create a sculpted, healthier you.

Shop for a strength training program that lets beginners progress to intermediate and advanced levels.

Strength training can seem daunting for newbies who’ve never lifted a weight or pumped an ounce of iron in their lives. Locating strength training DVDs that can guide beginners through to higher levels of training is a smart first step. The best strength training workouts should offer you tips on how to start, and how to modify the weight lifting workouts or resistance weight training exercises if you’re new. You’ll find strength training programs go a lot smoother if you can progress at a reasonable rate and with informed fitness DVDs to help you out. These strength training DVDs then should guide you through intermediate to advanced levels with expert trainers.

Not all strength training requires the pumping of iron or the use of complex machines. Strength training DVDs for the home, unlike fitness centers, usually don’t revolve around a lot of equipment or expensive exercise gadgetry. The best strength training workouts offer total body workout programs that use resistance bands, which are portable and inexpensive, but highly effective. To add variety, these strength training programs may also include light use of equipment.

You can also find effective strength training in home workouts that seem geared toward other types of fitness workouts. For instance, there are strength training DVDs in Chalene Johnson’s super-popular TurboFire® workout plan. Johnson’s strength training workouts are rotated with flexibility and stretching fitness workouts and, of course, her high-energy cardio interval drills. So muscle building strength training programs can even be found in fitness workouts that seem focused on great cardio!

You may think strength training requires hours a day, every day, to see those big muscles you want to see. However, there are strength training DVDs that can carve out a chiseled physique in just minutes a day—10 minutes in fact. The strength training workouts in Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer® will sculpt and tone you even if you have barely any time in your busy day. So strength training programs don’t need months or years to get you buff!