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When choosing weight loss DVDs it's important to remember what Tony Horton said about diets: that no single diet philosophy works for everyone. The best exercise DVDs for weight loss should be adaptable for everyone, in the exercise routines and in the meal plans. And an exercise DVD is only half of the equation to losing weight effectively. An exercise program for weight loss should also include smart nutritionally based meal options with a variety of choices for different people.

How well weight loss DVDs work is up to you, as you must provide the goals and motivation. You'll find the best exercise DVDs for weight loss will engage you, and make you want to come back.

Weight loss DVDs that are created by fitness experts with knowledge of nutrition make the best exercise DVDs for weight loss.

Weight loss DVDs should be the beginning of your weight loss journey that lasts a lifetime. The best exercise DVDs for weight loss aren't those that just provide exercise routines. An exercise DVD can, and should, be a constant source of inspiration that gets you up and moving—and thinking about what you eat and do—every day. So choose an exercise program for weight loss that's led by an energetic instructor who gives you good eating advice as well.

TurboFire If your weight loss DVDs are programs designed around fitness first, you'll experience results faster than just starving yourself on a diet plan. Often, with the best exercise DVDs for weight loss, you'll find that you're even hungrier, and that's normal as you're burning calories more than ever before. Remember though, your exercise DVD is not an excuse to eat more, and eat anything you want. An exercise program for weight loss should be fueled by healthy meals and snacks. A good home weight loss program that includes information on what to feed your body as you workout is TurboFire®, which includes a booklet filled with 45 pages of healthy recipes.

For those just starting weight loss DVDs that combine a new eating plan with exercise routines, the road to a thinner you might be seem endlessly long. The best exercise DVDs for weight loss will give you encouragement and guidance for both parts of the program. Taking on a new exercise DVD for weight loss and starting a new meal plan go hand-in-hand, as Tony Horton says, "Changing your eating habits is no different than starting a workout regime. Both are hard at first, get easier with time and become enjoyable if your purpose is clear." (Tony Horton's blog) An exercise program for weight loss that gives you information and support is Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, which includes a booklet of meals you can prepare in just a few minutes.

Weight loss DVDs can teach you how to calculate your daily weight loss, so you can keep track of what you're losing and how you're losing the pounds. One of the best exercise DVDs for weight loss is TurboFire, and it includes a booklet that lets you calculate the number of calories you should be eating as you do the workouts. It's more than an exercise DVD that just prescribes fitness routines. With the TurboFire exercise program for weight loss you can find the specific calorie deficit that your body requires, and plan accordingly, so that you can burn up to 500 calories each day, without starving yourself.