Weight Loss DVDs

Weight Loss Meal Plans and Weight Loss Workout Programs

A weight loss nutrition plan that doesn't involve crash dieting will do your body good when you're fighting the battle of the bulge. Weight loss DVDs from Beachbody® are never based on starving yourself or skipping meals to achieve your ideal weight. A weight loss meal plan is meant to fuel your body, not deprive it. Our weight loss programs aren't based on quick fixes, but teach you about healthy eating and exercise.

Discover great weight loss nutrition plans from Beachbody's family of exercise and weight loss programs. You'll find that our weight loss videos give you the tools to make healthy eating choices.

With a sensible weight loss nutrition plan, some rigorous and challenging exercise routines, and some high-energy encouragement, you'll lose the weight you want and keep it off.

Calorie counting during a weight loss nutrition plan that comes with your weight loss DVDs can be a recipe for disaster. These kinds of weight loss nutrition plans will inevitably have you spending needless time calculating every calorie in every food you eat. A better weight loss meal plan is one that informs you about the foods you're eating so you can make your own choices. Weight loss programs that do this instead of counting calories will serve you better in the long run.

Your weight loss nutrition plan should encourage you toward foods rich in nutrients and fiber. But your weight loss videos shouldn't make you feel like a terrible person if you have a treat once in a great while. A sensible weight loss meal plan is one that you live with every day of your life. So weight loss programs should give you time to enjoy your favorite unhealthy treats and not make you feel guilty for doing so.

If your weight loss nutrition plan is going well, you'll probably notice a difference in cravings for food. Programs from weight loss DVDs that combine healthy eating with lots of intense workouts transform your body into a fitness machine. So your weight loss meal plan will very likely mean you'll start edging away from wanting those treats you've grown to crave over the years. With your new weight loss program, you'll notice that your body now wants more and more healthier foods, like blueberries, beans, spinach, and other colorful, super-healthy fare.