Best Workout Videos and Workout DVDs

Exercise Programs, Cardio DVDs, and Home Workouts

The right exercise DVDs will motivate and inspire you, whether you're looking to bulk up or slim down. Workout videos come in a near-endless variety, and you need to carefully choose, judging them by everything from their complication level to whether you like the DVDs' music. The best workout DVDs will set you on a fitness path, with structured workout calendars and nutrition guides for meals. From cardio DVDs to full body workouts, it's all about knowing where you are now and where you want to go.

To be effective, exercise DVDs need full body workouts, even abs exercise videos. The best workout videos recognize that the body functions as a unit, and even if you are targeting a specific area, you need to work all the interlocking parts for the best results.

Exercise DVDs can even make parenting easier, giving you the energy to run with your kids all day long.

Exercise DVDs are the answer to a lot of your exercise questions and hang-ups. For men, workout videos can pull them out of the rut of the few (probably ineffective) strength training exercises they learned in high school. For women, the best workout DVDs can teach about the importance of resistance training as fat burning exercises. Cardio DVDs can be the gateway for beginners to move into more strenuous, full body workouts, presenting exercise programs that don't take a lot of gear.

The right exercise videos make your whole life better, from your own health and mood to connecting with your children. Workout videos are a launching point for getting out and bonding with your child (or best friend) during walks in the park and spirited games. The best workout DVDs will fit your life and make you fit for life. Even ab exercise videos should incorporate full body workouts and strength training exercises so that you achieve functional fitness.

Exercise videos don't have to mean a huge time or equipment commitment. The beauty of workout videos is that you can use them when you want, for as long as you want. Ab exercise videos can start with no gear, and you can amplify your workout with simple and inexpensive gear. Fat burning exercises are more about bursts of high intensity intervals, making it possible to burn fat in short workouts when you learn the rhythms.

Pick your exercise videos carefully, though. The best home workout DVDs feature instructors who not only inspire but also clearly explain full body workouts. Workout videos can be made more effective with details as small as the music played or the type of equipment required. The best workout DVDs include nutrition plans that are easy to use, and booklets and materials that make it easier to stick to the exercise program.