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Cardio DVDs won't work if they just sit on the shelf! It's important that your home cardio workouts motivate you, and compel you to return again and again. Your cardio video instructor should be energetic, an expert on overall fitness, and a cheerleader to boot! All of the cardio programs from Beachbody® are led by high-powered, motivated fitness experts who will whip you into shape with a smile as you sweat.

To help choose the cardio DVDs that are right for you, it's good to sample the cardio videos first. Beachbody's home cardio programs let you take them home and try them out for 30 days.

Cardio DVDs can be a great means to getting past your cardio fitness plateaus, as many include intense interval exercises.

Too often cardio DVDs don't offer you variation. Home cardio shouldn't be about repeating the same exercises over and over until you find yourself dreading each workout. Cardio videos can, and should, be a source of new and different ways to reach your maximum cardio potential. Check out the cardio programs from Beachbody®, and you'll see the difference! Our cardio routines are rotated in with resistance training, flexibility, and agility routines.

Cardio DVDs that only emphasize one kind of fat burning routine can get boring, very quickly. Early home cardio programs were like this, but now they've evolved, based on the latest methods of training and proven means of weight loss. If your cardio videos have become dull, it's time to explore others, like the super-charged TurboFire® program, developed by Chalene Johnson. Her cardio routines are varied and explosive, and will get you to your fitter self in no time.

A secret of the cardio DVDs in TurboFire: Fire Drills. These exercises take home cardio to another level of fat melting and calorie burning. Fire Drills, in the cardio videos from Chalene Johnson, pop up unexpectedly, and require your body to pump out explosive energy for 30 seconds to a full minute. It's a revolutionary cardio program that will have your body searing through the calories up to nine times faster than other aerobic routines.

Your cardio DVDs should also include other means of conditioning, so all of the parts of your body, in addition to your cardiovascular system, get a terrific workout. If home cardio routines are spliced with resistance training and stretching, then you've got a recipe for a perfect body. TurboFire's cardio videos come with other videos, including a yoga-style stretching routine to relax those muscles following intense Fire Drills. This makes TurboFire a cardio program that's comprehensive, and ensures that you're not overworking your cardio system or legs.