Cardio Exercise Videos

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Cardio DVDs aren't just for women any more. The best cardio DVDs challenge both men and women, of every body type and fitness level. While early cardio exercise videos seemed targeted to women, now the workouts challenge even the manliest of athletes to keep up. You'll see in the cardio workout DVDs from Beachbody® that men and women are sweating their way to amazing physiques.

Can cardio DVDs really get you in shape? If they include the best cardio DVD workouts built around high intensity interval training, they can.

Cardio DVDs should be a source of guidance and motivation, and that all comes down to the energy and expertise of your workout instructor.

When cardio DVDs first came onto the exercise scene, most were celebrity-led and not very vigorous. The best cardio DVDs today really push you, beyond breaking a sweat. Cardio exercise videos today can take you into that incredible fat-burning zone with interval training. These cardio workout DVDs include the high-energy TurboFire® and the Cardio X routine in P90X®.

People still think cardio DVDs mean spandex shorts, sparkly headbands, and pastel leg warmers. Now, the best cardio DVDs are truly more about fitness than fashion. Those early cardio exercise videos were dubious in their exercise methods, and offered few modifications for different fitness levels. Contemporary cardio workout DVDs feature options and exercise adjustments for beginners to advanced fitness participants.

When you discover the cardio DVDs from Beachbody®, you'll see that these workout DVDs are produced with every level of fitness participant in mind. These are the best cardio DVDs you can find, as the cardio workouts will take you from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced student status. The cardio exercise videos in the TurboFire program, for example, start with an introductory disc that includes "Fire Starter Class," so you know what moves are coming and you can be prepared for the workouts. And the cardio workout DVDs in 10-Minute Trainer® offer a trainer track mode of play, which gives you a running commentary of tips for making the exercises easier or more difficult.

If your cardio DVDs are giving your legs and cardiovascular system a tough workout, then these cardio DVDs are certainly doing their job. But the best cardio DVDs should be rotated in with other videos focusing on different muscle groups, and the other needs of your body. For best results, your cardio exercise videos should be mixed in with agility building, strength training, and flexibility routines. The cardio workout DVDs in TurboFire alternate these exercises, along with high intensity interval drills.