Aerobic DVDs

Cardio Exercises at Home, Low Impact Cardio Videos, and Advanced Cardio Workouts

Cardio DVDs have come a long way since workout DVDs were popularized in the '80s. Those first aerobic videos were pretty stiff, with little variation in the routines, but a lot of headbands and shiny spandex! Cardio exercises at home now push you harder, and offer many more ways to burn fat. DVDs offer advanced cardio workouts, and can be adjusted for intermediate and beginners, as well.

Your cardio videos should be pushing you to your body's peak heart rate. And aerobic DVDs can provide an overall fitness workout, too, and even include nutrition guidance.

With fun cardio DVDs, you'll be motivated to work even harder on fat burning and pushing your body to new extremes.

Many might think cardio videos are only for women. But current aerobic videos hold a multitude of fitness exercises that will benefit men, too. Cardio exercises at home in the past may have been geared toward women, and most of the instructors were female celebrities, to be sure. Now, advanced cardio workouts are led by both men and women, and these cardio experts have extensive backgrounds in exercise, nutrition training, and fitness.

Take the cardio videos that are part of INSANITY® or P90X®. These aren't your mom's aerobic videos! These cardio exercises at home are led by Shaun T and Tony Horton, two world-class fitness trainers who are as ripped and shredded as any pro athlete. And the advanced cardio workouts in TurboFire® are led by Chalene Johnson, whose sculpted physique would rival any track star. In their advanced cardio workouts, you'll not only sweat the fat off, but gain strength to power through every day and every weekend warrior adventure.

Johnson's cardio DVDs mix kicking and punching, so even a mixed martial arts contender could get a great workout from her. As well, these aerobic videos from Beachbody® include strength training—and every guy wants to add some muscle to his physique. These cardio exercise at home programs also push participants beyond just breaking a sweat. We're talking advanced cardio workouts that break into the high intensity cardio zone called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and will have any guy or gal hitting an extreme fitness level in no time.