Best Cardio Workouts

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Finding the best cardio exercises at the intermediate level may seem daunting. Many of the best cardio workouts seem to either be designed for low impact cardio exercise for beginners or advanced home cardio exercises. Finding exercises to lose weight after you plateau is essential to shredding and shedding your way into shape. Our fat burning exercise cardio DVDs feature high energy, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will get you panting hard, followed by less intense exercise. These home cardio exercises keep burning the fat after the workout and help you break through plateaus.

Even the best cardio exercises can lead to plateaus as you advance to the intermediate stage. That's why the best cardio workouts incorporate a variety of moves to keep your body's muscles guessing for amped up exercises to lose weight and burn fat.

The best cardio exercises challenge you in different ways to keep you going at the intermediate level of fat burning exercise.

When searching for the best cardio exercises as you move from beginner to intermediate, you'll want to look for cardio DVDs that can grow with your muscles and cardio strength. The best cardio workouts incorporate a variety of cardio and strength training to push you to your limits each time so your body can improve day after day. Also avoid plateaus with exercises to lose weight that pump up the volume with high intensity interval training. This fat burning exercise pushes you to do as much as you can in 30-second to one-minute bursts like in Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®, where her Fire Drills are just part of the high-energy home cardio exercises that leave you panting for more.

In her best cardio exercises, Chalene Johnson also talks about cardio confusion. This best cardio workout principle means that you never plateau because your muscles always have to adjust to new fat burning exercises. Combine these exercises to lose weight with strength training, and you can shred and shed your way to a great body. Our cardio DVDs are also designed to advance with you. These home cardio exercises feature modifications for beginner to intermediate to advanced. So as you improve with our workout videos—which include TurboFire, INSANITY®, P90X®, and 10-Minute Trainer®—you'll be ready for even more advanced workouts.

After doing the best cardio exercises, your body will be in shape and you'll be ready for a treat. Take the best cardio workouts to the nearest beach for hours of fat burning exercise at the ocean. Adapt the exercises to lose weight that you know so well as you peer out at the ocean doing your workout routine. In addition to cardio DVD workouts, you can enjoy running along the water and swimming. Go from low impact cardio exercise to high impact workouts at the ocean's edge, taking along Tony Horton's exercise flip book from 10-Minute Trainer for an easy workout on your next vacation, or Beachbody® cardio videos for working out in your hotel room.