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There are a lot of fitness myths and misunderstandings out there. A cardio workout, for instance, can mean more than aerobics, and can do much more for you than strengthen your heart. Fitness programs can be designed for specific interests, such as basketball, or to help heal injuries, such as back pain. Home fitness workouts can be every bit as effective as gym workouts, but without all the fancy equipment, making them much more portable. Workout programs can help extend your life and even improve your relationships.

Fitness isn’t just exercise and ab workouts. Every day is a cardio workout when you make fitness programs part of your life.

Take fitness to a higher level with an understanding of what those strength training workouts really do for your body.

Fitness is a way of life, not just a series of fat burning workouts. A cardio workout is a walk with your partner or playing tag with your child. Fitness programs are pickup basketball games, trail running, or your love of martial arts. Home fitness workouts include gardening and walking the dog. Workout programs often promise a lot of things, but what you really want is a better quality of life, with exercise just making you feel better.

Physical fitness is only the start of your journey with workout programs. Fitness programs can help your brain, protect your back, bond you with your child, and give you more length on your golf drives. Most importantly, workout programs can help extend life and fight off debilitating diseases. Strength training workouts not only build strength, but also increase your rate of fat burning and even make it possible to do the sports you love better.

TurboFire Approaches to fitness come in many forms, and you should explore a variety of fitness workout DVDs available, from beginner to advanced. A single abs workout video might help with your back pain, but it won’t give you everything you need to strengthen your core and improve your overall function. A cardio workout is great for the cardiovascular system, but it's an inefficient fat burning workout. Strength training workouts are important for men and women.

Seek fitness guidance from fitness workout DVDs by experts such as Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, and Shaun T. A cardio workout on Johnson’s TurboFire® throws in kicks, punches, and dance moves to keep it fun and challenging. The home fitness workouts on Horton’s P90X® will whip you into the best shape of your life, with expert instruction and irresistible motivation. The fat burning workouts of Shaun T’s INSANITY® will have you gasping in pain and eager to keep going for that insane body you always wanted.