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The best fitness DVDs teach you the exercise routines that will push you to your fitness goals. A total fitness DVD should cover core workouts, strength training fitness, toning workouts, and fat burning workouts. DVD workouts are ideal because you can stop, start, and play again until you learn to do the exercises right. With fitness programs for men and women, you derive the most out of it when you have clear goals, and the exercises are varied enough to move from beginner to advanced.

Don't fall for gimmicky fitness videos that have inflated promises and poor exercise practices. Look for total fitness videos that preach the basics of functional fitness, from strength training to good nutrition.

Fitness DVDs can be your partner when no one else is available, teaching and motivating you.

Some fitness DVDs make crazy promises about fantastical results from impossibly easy exercises, but the real results of advanced home workout DVDs are nearly as surprising. The right total fitness DVD will touch on far-reaching aspects of your life, improving more than just your waistline. DVD workouts can run the gamut, from focusing on core workouts to broad strength training fitness, but as long as you’re getting your heart rate up you're doing yourself worlds of good. Fitness programs are about more than fat burning workouts.

TurboFire With fitness videos, make sure the promises have some scientific backing. Fat burning workouts can’t target specific areas. Cardio fitness DVDs are inefficient unless coupled with strength training fitness, no matter how fun they make the dance moves look. The best fat burning workouts come from high-intensity exercise intervals, such as the fire drills found on Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire®.

Look for fitness videos that promise hard work and effort on your part, and you'll know you’re dealing with real fitness programs. Home workout DVDs, such as P90X® by Tony Horton, promise results within weeks, but you have to work for them. Advanced DVD workouts in Horton’s P90X workout DVDs employ the results-getting science of Muscle Confusion™, in which the exercises regularly change to keep the muscles challenged and growing. These total fitness DVDs, not just core workouts or cardio fitness DVDs, deliver the best life results.

Fitness DVDs are the perfect complement to other toning workouts. In addition to your DVD workouts, add the power of everyday activities, preferably done with a partner, to help spur you along. Fitness programs should fit and complement your life, helping you become healthier in an enjoyable way, while also improving your favorite recreational activities, whether it's soccer or martial arts. Home workout DVDs are an essential part of a healthier life.