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Home fitness workouts start with fitness workout videos, but that isn't enough. Fitness workout routines require a complexity of muscle challenges to derive the best results. Cardio workouts alone won't deliver the weight loss results you want, so add a few simple exercises to increase the difficulty and variety of your whole body workouts. Beware of fitness DVDs that come paired with outlandish machines, because it's the tried-and-true exercise aids that deliver the best results.

Home fitness workouts don't have the advantages of a gym's vast array of equipment, but with a little knowledge, you don't need it. The right fitness workout routines with the right aids will deliver all the results you want.

Stick with home fitness workouts with a partner who shares your goals for whole body workouts.

Limitations of space for home fitness workouts don't mean limitations of results. Advanced fitness workout routines get results through the careful application of simple tools to challenge your muscles. Take cardio workouts and add resistance bands or a Swiss ball, and you have more of a whole body workout that is burning fat. Fitness DVDs such as Tony Horton's P90X® are particularly helpful because they use a small number of aids, and these home workout videos let you know what you need before you start.

Home fitness workouts also have a tendency to trail off because of a lack of motivation and accountability. Enlist a partner for fitness workout routines, and you are more likely to stick with the exercise and stay motivated to improve. A joint weight loss workout program allows you to compete for pounds lost, while supporting each other through the times when it's tempting to give up. So while doing your fitness DVDs, add a partner for enjoyable exercising with companionship and friendship.

Home fitness workouts take many forms, but these exercises still operate on fundamental principles to target the same muscle groups. Whole body workouts stem from just a few basic moves that are nearly infinite in their variations. Take fitness workout routines and add in the instability of a Swiss ball or the muscle challenge of resistance bands, and you are increasing your fat burning while improving your functional fitness. Stock up on home workout videos, and then grab your partner, your mat, and your resistance bands for a great workout.