Core Body Workouts

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Core workout DVDs teach you the exercises that'll reshape your sports performance. True core body workouts are more than just elaborate ab workouts. Strength training routines for your core work the muscles from your hips to your shoulders, front and back, stabilizing the spine, and providing power for the arms and legs. Seek out fitness DVDs with the best core workouts so that you can pedal harder, turn quicker, and hit farther, while protecting your spine from the rigors of life.

Core workout DVDs are the friends of men and women in sports everywhere. Core body workouts will improve your game whatever your game might be.

Core workout DVDs are as much about safety as they are about fitness, protecting the spine for an active life.

Core workout DVDs are at the heart of any advanced home workout DVD regimen. Core body workouts are the stabilizing foundation that all other strength training routines are hung on, keeping you steady and balanced so you can maximize output. Doing a strength training routine without a solid core is just asking for wasted time at best, and possibly devastating injury. Comprehensive fitness videos, such as Tony Horton's P90X® and Shaun T's INSANITY®, always include core body workouts.

Take your core workout DVDs and visualize doing all those twisting movements on a field or court, because that's where the work is really going to pay off. Core body workouts build the center from which all sports glory flows, giving you balance, stability, and the power necessary to propel yourself or a ball farther. Strength training routines are just creating so much muscle decoration unless those quads and biceps and shoulders are attached to a solid torso. The best core workouts put together a sports engine.

Core workout DVDs also can help keep you on the court by protecting your spine from injury. Core body workouts strengthen the muscles all around your spine, supporting, stabilizing, and keeping it safe from harm. Strength training routines for your core muscles improve posture and balance, further safeguarding your spine and allowing you to do intense cardio workouts, such as Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®—which also helps you build your core. Ab workouts are nothing without working all the muscles of the core for functional fitness and optimal health.