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Comprehensive fitness programs are the best thing you can do for your heart, according to recent scientific research. Ab workouts, squats, plyometrics, dumbbell curls, trail running—it doesn’t matter as long as you're getting your heart rate up and burning fat. Fitness videos can teach you a whole range of new exercises to keep it interesting and keep your fitness improving. Cardio fitness coupled with resistance training strengthens your circulatory system, while helping ward off a raft of other potential health complications.

For a change, take your fitness programs outdoors with some trail running for a challenging workout and a bit of fresh air. You can even do your ab workouts on the side of the trail.

Fitness programs, however you use them, can greatly reduce your chances of death by heart disease.

Expand your fitness programs to wring more enjoyment out of them, encouraging you to stick with the exercises and even ramp up the frequency. Endless ab workouts are a recipe for burnout without much chance of actually burning that fat off your middle. Fitness DVDs that offer the same limited number of exercises over and over again aren't only dull; these exercises also aren't terribly effective. Cardio fitness doesn’t do you a lot of good without resistance training to build fat-devouring muscles.

Fitness programs are too important not to follow the best routines because, literally, matters of life and death are at risk, according to studies that show a decrease in mortality associated with physical fitness. Those ab workouts are one cog in an exercise machine to keep you chugging along well into old age. Seek out fitness DVDs led by experts who excite and motivate you, such as Tony Horton (P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®), Chalene Johnson (TurboFire®), and Shaun T (INSANITY®), because this is your heart we are talking about. Go beyond cardio fitness and delve into total body fitness, which protects you in a variety of ways.

Fitness programs can include a variety of complementary workouts, from working out in your living room to gym routines to running the trails. Ab workouts don’t just mean sit ups: Stabilizing your body while running on uneven terrain engages the core, working a variety of trunk muscles. The right fitness videos build muscle and teach an impressive array of exercises. You’ll enjoy the fitness programs even more anytime you apply them in your real life. Newfound cardio fitness allows you to explore the world’s wonders you'd never see from your car seat.