6 Pack Abs Workouts

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The dirty secret of ab workout videos is that what you really need are total fitness workout DVDs to deliver the results you want. A 6 pack abs workout is great, but that layer of fat on your belly is likely to be the last to go, leaving your ripped stomach muscles hidden under a spare tire. Ab routines follow the rules of every other major muscle exercise, calling for variety, intensity, and rest. Steady-state cardio workouts can’t give you the same results as resistance exercises for the abdominals.

Throw away abs workout videos that emphasize sit ups or crunches. Your 6 pack abs workout is going nowhere with these old-fashioned, inefficient, back-hurting exercises.

Advanced abs workout videos can be just what the doctor ordered for that bad back.

Ab workout videos too often rely on gimmicks and lofty promises, when the only real way to have a leaner stomach is to put in some sweat time and burn calories. A 6 pack abs workout is just one part of the total fitness approach of a fat burning workout. Ab routines on home workout DVDs calling for dozens of reps are just wasting your precious time, and not doing you much good. Cardio workouts are good for your body's systems, but it also takes resistance training to really strip away fat.

Advanced ab workout videos such as those by fitness experts Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, and Shaun T incorporate a 6 pack abs workout into total fitness workout DVDs. Ab routines for beginners can easily be modified for more intense challenges to keep the muscles growing and fat disappearing. Get your cardio workouts with resistance training that builds muscle even as it strengthens the heart. Learn the secrets of fat burning workouts that you won’t find on ab workout videos promising quick-and-easy results.

Back injury doesn't necessarily mean abs workout videos are off limits either. A 6 pack abs workout could be just what the doctor ordered for your ailing back, building muscle that supports the spine and eases strain on discs—just be sure to ask your doctor if there is any doubt about exercising before beginning. Isometric ab routines build protective core muscles without jarring the spine or grinding sensitive discs together. Couple fat burning workouts with a nutrition plan, and you can drop the weight that's dragging your back down, helping you stand taller and pain-free.