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Fitness workout DVDs require only a minimum of equipment to give you as good a workout as you could find in a gym. With advanced workout DVDs for women and men, such as P90X® by Tony Horton, or TurboFire® by Chalene Johnson, you even receive the resistance bands for the strength training that's key to weight loss workouts. All fitness DVDs aren't created equal, and you need one that offers total body workouts. Be wary of cardio fitness DVDs that don’t have a resistance training element because these workouts are mostly wasting your time.

Fitness workout videos help you take your weight loss workouts on the road with you, because fitness DVDs are easy to carry along. Workout DVDs for women and men mean you don’t have to give up the life-changing benefits of regular exercise just because you have a meeting in Baltimore, or a family trip to Denver.

Fitness workout DVDs can be like a magic formula for better health.

Fitness workout DVDs can teach you the exercises that'll change your life. Workout DVDs for women and men are an investment in a longer life, with a better quality of living. Advanced fitness DVDs offer more than weight loss workouts; they teach total body workouts that increase strength, raise energy levels, and can help ease various joint pains. Cardio fitness DVDs should be one aspect of any fitness regimen for the surprising benefits cardio exercise offers beyond heart health.

The exercises from fitness workout DVDs can help extend your life, according to the American Heart Association. Workout DVDs for women and men have benefits researchers are only recently discovering, such as making you smarter and happier. (And who doesn’t need to be smarter and happier?!) (Good Morning America) Weight loss workouts strengthen your body against a variety of diseases and ailments. Home fitness workouts can even help your home life, if you do them with a loved one.

Fitness workout DVDs, particularly ones coupled with silly machines and promises of easy results, like to make outlandish promises. Workout DVDs for women and men won't make that middle just disappear; you have to sweat it off. But home fitness workouts are still amazing for reasons that don't always get the hype, such as helping ease arthritis, improving posture, and helping your brain. Cardio fitness DVDs are really about being able to run with your kid, or just enjoy a run by yourself on park trails.

Discover the benefits of fitness workout videos yourself. With advanced workout DVDs for women and men, such as those developed by Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, or Shaun T, you will start seeing results within weeks. Total body workouts are the key to improving your activities and recreation. Weight loss workouts don’t mean endless crunches and counting every calorie; instead enjoy some reasonable activity with a sensible nutrition plan.