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A comprehensive workout that gets your whole body moving can begin with something as simple as slipping a DVD into your player. Workout videos designed for indoors now include exercises that work out all of your muscle groups. Older home workouts, like those created in the '80s, tended to focus on cardio only, but that's not the case anymore. The best contemporary workout programs, like P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, rotate cardio with strength training, flexibility, and agility exercises.

What workout program is best for you depends on several factors. Workout videos should appeal to both men and women and provide instruction for many fitness levels.

A workout done at home with a friend can give you more motivation than taking on the exercises alone.

Deciding which workout you want to jump into can be daunting, considering all the programs and home workout gear you have to sort through. The very best home workout DVDs are designed for both men and women now, so that shouldn't be an issue. Home workouts should also include routines that can be modified for anyone, from beginners to those looking for more advanced exercises. Though some workout programs may focus on one particular body part, you're looking to improve. Workout programs should also focus on your overall fitness, too.

A terrific workout needs to be a terrific motivator. Workout videos should thoroughly describe and illustrate each set of exercises so you have the form down correctly. But home workouts should also push you to challenge your body, so you can see improvement and reach those higher levels of fitness. In a workout program like P90X®, for example, Tony Horton constantly encourages you to do what you can, with a smile in his voice for positive reinforcement, even as you feel the burn!

TurboFire Some workout DVDs may seem to focus solely on shredding your abs or losing pounds so you can find that slimmer you. The home workout videos that are really the best of the bunch are those that combine these great specific goals with an overall fitness plan. Take the home workouts from high-powered fitness guru Chalene Johnson, the creator of TurboFire® and Turbo Jam®. Chalene Johnson's intense and fun workout programs may seem like they're created only to shed pounds and raise that heart rate. But her DVDs pack workout routines to build strength and increase flexibility as well.

Your workout should include a variety of exercises that fit the needs of all your muscle groups and hit that cardio mark. Workout videos that confuse the muscles and your cardio system are some of the best fitness programs around. Home workouts like TurboFire rely on cardio confusion, while Tony Horton's P90X revolves around Muscle Confusion™. These types of workout programs switch up their exercises, so your body doesn't have time to adapt and settle into one. Varying these workout routines this way then helps your body push past normal plateaus, and you'll find yourself reaching your fitness goals so much faster.