Exercise Routines for Women and Men

Strength Training Without Weights, Men's and Women's Exercises Without Weights

Crank up your home workout routines with weights with a variety of workout routines to lose weight. Learn variations on exercise routines for women and men that'll move you beyond that push up you've hated since ninth grade, and the sit-up that never seems to make the belly fat go away. Thousands of exercises without weights that pit your body against gravity are waiting to be discovered. Find beginner to advanced home workout routines that will melt away fat and pump up muscles on workout videos from fitness experts such as Tony Horton, Shaun T, and Chalene Johnson.

Intensify home workout routines without weights with advanced techniques done right. Exercise routines for women and men become rigorous strength training without weights once you learn the right way to use your body to build your body.

With the privacy of your home workouts without weights, you can still enjoy all the tutoring you need through the workout DVDs of fitness masters.

Home workout routines without weights start with the understanding that you'll be using your body, and possibly a few objects in your home, to build the body that's the envy of a gym bodybuilder. With ingenious exercise routines for women and men, you can target any part of your body. Exercise without weights doesn’t mean bopping to 1980s workout DVDs. Put some muscle in home workout routines with the right combination of variety and intensity, whether you're beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Not all exercise routines for women and men are created equal, and you have to know the special ways you can modify exercises for your strength and body type. Because exercise without weights relies on using your body to define your body, studying the experts’ moves is essential. Develop your home workout routines based on your needs and draw from the wealth of variations on exercises you had long thought boring.

Don’t let your home workout routines grow stale, or worse, dangerous, with badly done, badly designed exercises. Exercise routines for men and women lead to injury or, at the least, wasted time when done sloppily or wrong. Exercise without weights, and you'll discover there's more than one way to bulk a bicep and tighten a thigh. Home workout routines put you in charge of your development, so learn from the masters how to whip yourself into peak fitness.