Dumbbell Workout Routines

Upper Body and Lower Body Workout Routines

Home workout routines with weights are the magic ingredient in workout routines to lose weight for men and women. Resistance training such as a dumbbell workout routine will kick your metabolism up a notch so it's burning fat off faster. Your dream body starts with an upper body workout routine using weights to develop shoulders and arms that demand a second look.

Home workout routines with weights are just one way to design intense workout routines to build muscle. When you can't do a dumbbell workout routine, grab some resistance bands and enjoy the same eye-popping fitness results.

An essential for home workout routines with weights is the recovery time that will help maximize your strength training workouts.

Home workout routines with weights are about more than how much iron you can lift. A dumbbell workout routine that isn't part of advanced strength training workouts that work the whole body might leave you with bulging arm muscles to show off, but at the core, you won't be fit. Your upper body workout routine should be tied to your lower body workout routine to deliver the balanced fitness that feels good and looks better. Your home workout routines become more effective when you learn how muscles respond to overload, and how to make that response work for the look you want.

Seek help with home workout routines with weights by enlisting the hard-earned genius of workout masters such as Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson. Move beyond the dumbbell workout routine with far more convenient resistance bands as demonstrated on Tony Horton's P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, and Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®. Any upper body workout routine done with free weights can be done with resistance bands, often with more safety. You'll get stronger with home workout routines and start shedding the pounds.

Home workout routines with weights will batter your muscles, so it's also important to understand the science of recovery. Lift more during your dumbbell workout routine by knowing how intense and fast to hit the reps and how long to rest. Give the upper body workout routine a rest while you launch into the lower body workout routine and then switch to keep the muscles adapting and growing. In home workout routines such as Beachbody® workout videos, expert trainers will offer tips about how to ramp up your workouts so you get the most rip for the time and sweat investment.