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Workout videos have come a long way since their beginnings in the '80s. Now you'll find ab workout DVDs alongside dance workout videos, all promising to get your body in terrific shape. If you're looking into cardio workout DVDs or weight loss videos to slim your shape, Beachbody's TurboFire® fitness workout DVDs give you fun, along with some of the best aerobic exercises and core workouts to burn the fat away and strengthen your body. Other home workout videos, like 10-Minute Trainer®, combine great cardio routines with strength training and flexibility exercises, too.

High-powered workout DVDs, like the TurboFire program, are intense weight loss videos packed with fun as well. TurboFire even includes ab workout videos in the set, for a complete home workout DVD program.

Workout videos can seem to focus on one body part you’d like to improve, yet still provide you with exercises that improve your overall fitness.

The best workout videos are comprehensive sets of fitness workout DVDs that give you a great total workout, even if they seem to focus on just one or two parts of your body. For instance, savvy ab workout videos should also include exercises that develop your overall strength, such as Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, which has been created with the philosophy of functional fitness in mind. Cardio workout videos should also give you some flexibility and strength routines as well. So look for home workout DVDs that challenge all the parts of your body, even if you're just looking for exercises to work out one set of muscles, or just looking to shed a few pounds.

10-Minute Trainer Which workout videos should you get to improve your fitness level? Say you're examining ab workout DVDs, but you've never completed a crunch in your life. Or, you want a cardio workout DVD program, but have already tried several dance-style cardio classes, and are ready to move to more intense exercises. Home workout DVDs, like those from Beachbody, can provide you with several fitness levels, all in one set.

In some workout videos and DVDs, like P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer, you'll find the instructors offering smart tips during each set of exercises. During the ab workout DVDs in Tony Horton's programs, for example, Horton gives you adjustments to your form, to make the exercises easier for beginners and more difficult for the veteran shredders. In cardio workout DVDs, these tips are often important for people who are returning from an injury and need to modify the jumping and kicking (which you'll find in Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®). The home workout videos include trainer modes, which, when set, offer a running commentary of tips, for beginners to those looking to advance their workouts.

Workout DVDs are moving in new directions to get you fit, using some of the latest knowledge about physical fitness and training. The best ab workout DVDs, for example, hit all three muscle groups that make up that area, and incorporate ab routines with intense cardio and some flexibility work, too. Turbofire cardio workouts are constructed around High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and not just endurance, to hit those peak heart rates and give you an afterburn effect to melt away calories and fat post-workout. Even home workout DVDs that seem built for getting you super-buff, like INSANITY®, include some yoga-style exercises, for a complete mind and body workout.