Abdominal Workouts

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If you think core exercises that appeal to both men and women can't be found, then check out Beachbody's line of programs. In TurboFire®, abdominal workouts are combined with intense cardio that also happen to be set to music, making it a fun experience for both men and women. The best ab exercises that men appreciate tend to focus on strength training, and these routines are included in Shaun T's INSANITY®, and Tony Horton's P90X®. Other core exercise DVDs offer yoga poses, which guys should also take up, despite their interest mainly to women.

Core exercises for men and women should include a diversity of exercises for an overall workout. Abdominal workouts designed with cardio and strength training, (alongside the best ab exercises), give both men and women the complete workout they need.

The very best core exercises for men and women include ab exercises that are diverse, cardio exercises to burn fat, exercises that appeal to both genders, and that help them learn from each other.

Men and women approach core exercises differently. That statement about abdominal workouts may sound stereotypical, but recent research has shown that women and men often do look to exercise with very different goals and attitudes. For women, the best abs exercises and other workout routines often take a holistic approach to exercise, adding in things like yoga. Core exercise DVDs that are all about building muscle, without a balanced approach that includes cardio and even a yogic spiritual angle, just don't work for women. Men, though, love core exercises that focus solely on the task at hand, with plenty of weight training. In core exercise routines, men typically have one goal: get ripped lifting weights in the gym. The truth is for the best core training, men and women can learn a lot from each other when it comes to core exercises at home.

For both men and women, core exercises must include cardio to help burn fat—otherwise your muscles will never emerge from that belly. These comprehensive abdominal workouts also must include a variety of strength training to bolster the rest of your frame. You'll do your best abs exercises because you feel fitter overall. In turn, the core exercises will make it easier to do cardio and strength training. The beauty of Beachbody® core exercise DVDs is that the workouts never stand alone. Our workout video DVDs always condition and build your whole body, even when the program seems to focus on abs only. You'll find the best core exercise routines on all of our workout videos, from hardcore routines in P90X® and INSANITY®, to supercharged dance-kickboxing workouts in TurboFire®, to the high intensity exercises in 10-Minute Trainer®. With these workout videos and DVDs, you'll not only shred muscles and shed fat to gain those washboard abs, you'll also achieve greater overall fitness, whether female or male.

Diversity of core exercises is also key to finding your inner shredder. So many people find their favorite abdominal workouts and do them AB-nauseam. Even the best abs exercises for men and women won't produce results after your body gets used to them. So find core training that offers a variety of abs exercises at different intensities, so your body is always stretching to master these routines as you work all your core muscles, not just a few. Also look for workout videos and DVDs that have true trainers, who work with you to modify positions. These types of core exercise and fitness DVDs mean that you won't hurt yourself, and also that it's easier for you and your partner to work out together—even when you have a different approach to building your core.