Abdominal Exercises

Best Ab Exercise and Core Workouts, Abdominal Workout DVDs and Abs Routines

What factors make the best ab workout videos for beginners? Many abdominal exercises in good DVD programs are done with equipment, such as resistance bands. Abdominal workout DVDs that include these bands can help newbies gain the proper form via "training wheels." To advance in this abs routine, then, all you have to do is lose the resistance bands, once you've nailed down the form, and increase the intensity.

Many of the best ab workout videos for those just starting out, are programs designed for people of all fitness levels. Abdominal exercises, like any exercises, should include modifications for beginners and those who are more advanced.

Two factors in the best ab workout DVDs are modifications for different fitness levels, and equipment to help train your body into following the proper form.

What makes up the best ab workout DVDs for people just starting out? It's not just abdominal exercises included in the DVDs that make a great ab workout. Terrific abdominal workout videos should motivate you with positive messages as you dive into that ab-ripping burn for the first time. You'll find the ab routines included in P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer® supplemented by Tony Horton's voice encouraging you to keep going, and "do your best and forget the rest" during each exercise.

Some of the best ab workout videos for beginners can be made even better when you get a buddy to work out alongside you. Those grueling abdominal exercises seem to go a lot faster when you're sharing that initial pain with a friend. More motivation for your abdominal workout DVDs can be found when you take on something like a Birthday Challenge, which sets a date for a certain amount of physical activities. This challenge for your abs routine follows one of Tony Horton's laws, which states that making a plan, and giving your mind and body a firm goal, will help propel you through a new program with your eyes set on a definite prize.

An element of the best ab workout videos for people just starting out is cardio. The abdominal exercises in Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® are worked in with high-energy cardio routines that'll have beginners kicking and punching their way to great music and emerging abs. These kinds of abdominal workout DVDs are especially effective because they provide a bump to metabolism that'll help burn fat, and have you seeing results early on. TurboFire's abs routine is also set to music, and for newbies to ab workout programs, a little music can help you push through the burn with a beat that pumps you to the next level.