Abdominal Workout Exercises

Best Ab Workout DVDs, Advanced Ab Routines and Abdominal Training

Use your advanced abdominal workout videos to help you achieve that shredded washboard faster. The abdominal workout exercises in Tony Horton's programs, both P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, include modification tips that can help you get to that next level. This kind of abdominal training uses Muscle Confusion™ and will help you blast through that belly quicker. The best ab workouts include these kinds of tips, and work all the muscles of your abs in rotating sets so you'll be ripped in no time.

A good abdominal workout video will help you advance in your ab training. The advanced abdominal workout exercises found in P90X can be modified to get you past current plateaus.

If your abdominal workout video isn't getting you to another level, it might be time to take on INSANITY® or P90X®.

You can use advanced abdominal workout DVDs to set you on the road to fabulous washboard abs. Those abdominal workout exercises you're currently doing can be tweaked to make them more difficult, and push you further. Tony Horton's abdominal training DVDs in P90X and 10-Minute Trainer® include a trainer track, offering easy-to-follow adjustments for those ready to pump up the intensity of their ab workouts. In fact, the best ab workouts on DVD or video should include this feature, and it's like having a trainer with you at every level of your abs workout.

In addition to your abdominal workout videos, you could add a new exercise to help you advance to a new, shredded you. On days off from abdominal workout exercises, try adding some biking outside, as it's a truly effective overall body workout. This kind of abdominal training also runs parallel with Tony Horton's idea of Muscle Confusion™: in his programs, you're constantly varying the ways your body is physically challenged. So the very best ab workouts include other great workouts too, which involve your entire body.

Advancing in your abdominal training can hinge on small changes that can increase your effectiveness in big ways. When running through your abdominal workout DVDs, make sure you have a full length mirror in place so you can adjust your form. Also, doing abdominal workout exercises with a buddy can result in tips to improve your own routine—and a healthy competition. Finally, the best ab workout DVDs cover all areas of your abs—that is, all three ab muscle groups—so be sure that your advanced ab routine hits these marks.