How to Get Abs

Core Workout Routines, Best Abdominal Exercises and Ab Workouts, Ab Videos and DVDs

If you're looking for ab routines that will get you past your beginning level workout, you have several options with Beachbody®. You'll learn how to get abs in no time with programs like TurboFire®, that can add some high-powered cardio to help you burn off those extra pounds and ounces. Other ab workout video routines are in P90X®, which offers smart tips for advancing your abs workout with each video. Abdominal exercises included in 10-Minute Trainer® often employ resistance bands to ensure you get the proper form down. These are some of the best ab workouts you can find, and if you're looking to move up to an intermediate level workout routine, all you have to do is lose the bands, and challenge your body to take on the exercises freely.

Great ab routines should be pliable enough to let you advance from beginner to intermediate and beyond. The secret to learning how to get abs is in the small modifications in your workout DVDs.

Make changes to your ab routines to push yourself to a higher level. When you understand how to get abs that are ripped, all you'll have to do is make the right adjustments to your workouts and increase your intensity.

Ab routines can only do so much after you've started and you've hit a ceiling. A big part of how to get abs after you've begun is increasing the intensity of each workout. Ab workout DVDs such as P90X® and TurboFire® work on the ideas of Muscle Confusion™ and cardio confusion, respectively, and these programs offer intense ab workouts in short, fire-powered bursts. These abdominal exercises splice tougher ab workouts with other routines for shredded abs and full-body fitness.

To your current weekly ab routines, try adding something completely different. The answer to how to get abs isn't just about all that hardcore crunch work, it's also about doing other activities that can help your overall fitness. In addition to your ab workout DVDs, try going for a bike ride, a long hike, or even dancing. A break from abdominal exercises will give your core muscles their much-needed time to fully recover, as well as give you a mental break from the intensive training.

It's a myth that ab routines can be done every day. Those who truly know how to get abs know that a proper rest period between workouts is essential. The ab workout DVDs included in TurboFire®, for starters, vary with other cardio, strength training, and even yoga DVDs, so that those abdominal muscles get a full day off, and thus prevent the possibility of injury due to overwork.