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Punch up your training with cardio workout DVDs.

Cardio workout DVDs are an accepted way to supplement your martial arts training. Interval cardio workouts that alternate intense bursts of activity with lighter exercises are the preferred training approach for many mixed martial arts fighters, according to Men's Fitness. Fat burning cardio workouts using high intensity interval training are not for the faint of heart, but then if you're into martial arts training, you probably already have the discipline to push yourself.

Cardio workout DVDs help you train for even more intense martial arts moves. Martial arts require the best cardio workouts so you never have to let up while sparring, and so you won't get popped or dumped on your butt. You'll take your interval cardio workouts more seriously when you connect those bursts of high intensity training with the bursts of energy you need while sparring. Combative arts as fat burning cardio workouts can just be a lot of fun. Men's Fitness reports that its readers find martial arts exercises are a favorite way to lose weight and get the cardio in.

Cardio workout DVDs can push you, but wanting that next belt and not wanting to be beaten in competitions can really keep you going when your lungs are burning and your calves are jelly. Your fat burning cardio workout becomes recreation when you are learning new moves, working over a dummy or sparring with a partner. Fitness workout DVDs are a means to extend and enhance the fitness you want to show off in your dojo.

Cardio workout DVDs deliver tremendous health benefits, and the best workouts have a lot of real world applications. Take those best cardio workouts and apply them to your martial arts training, and not only do you improve coordination for daily activities, but you also enhance the ability to defend yourself. These cardio workouts, then, not only keep you fit, but also help you learn the martial arts that give you and your family a fighting chance.