Fitness Training DVDs

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Fitness programs put you on the trail to good health.

With home fitness programs that include the right fitness DVDs, you'll be ready to take on that 5K or half marathon. Cardio plus ab workouts and other fitness exercises will train you for the challenge, or maybe just for longer runs on your favorite trail. Fitness DVDs should always stress the cardio work and should also stress functional fitness so you can build functional (not just big) muscles that negotiate uneven terrain.

The best fitness programs almost universally use some sort of running, even if it's just running in place. Home fitness DVDs by expert trainers, such as Tony Horton, Shaun T, and Chalene Johnson, start workout routines with a bit of running in place to warm up and then they push your muscles to the max with exercises that never let your muscles plateau. The fitness workout DVDs P90X® by Tony Horton and INSANITY® by Shaun T vary the angle of knees and height of steps in an effort to get more variety of muscle work from the motion of running. With functional fitness, these fitness programs also push your muscles in ways that prepare them for the trails.

That's why the right fitness programs are so important, because your body has to use more muscles (and therefore become stronger and burn more calories) to compensate for uneven terrain than it does running on a treadmill or a track. Taking your weight loss fitness programs outside means pitting your body against a variety of obstacles, such as roots, rocks, sand, and uneven inclines, and picking your feet up more so you don't trip. Your cardio fitness workout translates into the functional fitness you have been seeking. For the best results, combine weight loss fitness program DVDs in the home with trail runs on forgiving earth, such as soft dirt and sand that have the added advantage of being easier on your joints and bones than pounding away on concrete and asphalt.

Fitness programs that include nature's gym also are blessed with a change in scenery. Workout routines on the beach offer the distracting beauty of the shoreline even as your legs are forced to compensate for the soft sand. A cardio fitness program in a park's woods lets nature's stillness calm you even as your lungs scream while you struggle up a hill and around a fallen tree. Even fitness training programs in city parks offer some soft grass to lie on for your ab workouts. To prepare, use home fitness DVDs that give you the foundation you need so you can enjoy your time outdoors, rather than gasping for breath.