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Fitness programs add to your life in many ways.

Effective fitness programs require more than endless cardio fitness routines. To be effective, weight loss fitness programs should lean heavily on resistance training because muscle burns more fat and has the added advantage of increasing fitness, thus allowing you to do more vigorous exercise. Fitness workout DVDs, such as TurboFire® by Chalene Johnson, use high-intensity intervals of exercise to create a health feedback loop, where each advance in fitness and weight loss is a springboard to the next level of workout. Fitness training programs that include muscle building are also associated with a better quality of daily activities for older people because they can do more exercise. (American Heart Association)

Fitness programs are a proven way to improve your cholesterol and decrease the risk of diabetes. Intermediate workout routines increase HDL cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol) and reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff). Fitness training programs are also linked to improvements in insulin sensitivity and glucose use, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. (AHA)

Not all fitness programs are created equal. A few ab workouts are better than nothing, but studies show less intense exercise takes longer to start showing results. (AHA) Home fitness DVDs, such as Tony Horton's P90X® or Shaun T's INSANITY®, that use high intensity intervals increase functional capacity quicker, thus getting the cardiovascular health flowing sooner.

If nothing else, fitness programs reduce stress and anxiety so that even if you don't live longer, at least you'll live better. Workout routines engage a complex web of psychological and physiological mechanisms in the body to relieve depression, improve cognitive performance, and generally make you feel better. Time spent with fitness workout DVDs is time spent getting right with the world, sweating out cares and worries, and setting your body's systems in balance. Fitness programs, whether intense workout routines or just going for more walks, can kick over a string of health dominoes that ends with you living longer and better.