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Pop in some ab workout videos to help relieve back pain.

Abs workout videos may seem like a dance with the devil if you're suffering from lower back pain, but, in fact, there are lots of ab routines that are safe to do after lower back injuries and the workouts may even help relieve some of the pain. Fitness videos can teach men and women how to strengthen back and abdominal muscles, which reduces stress on the spine and helps relieve back pain, according to experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's right: Advanced fitness workout DVDs are good for that ailing back (as long as you've checked in with your doctor and are cleared for exercise because the causes of a bad back can vary greatly). (WebMD)

Abs workout videos often encourage you to think of muscles as just mechanical means to move your limbs, preferably while holding heavy weights. But ab routines are really about strengthening the muscles that prevent the bones of your back from moving around and causing you excruciating pain. Not counting the über-limber on some home workout DVDS, the lower spine actually has a pretty small range of movement and can easily be knocked out of whack. A 6 pack abs workout is just developing a stronger cage to hold your spine where it belongs, giving the discs support and stability. (Men's Fitness)

Abs workout videos have come up with a lot of ways to work those stomach muscles, but when you have lower back pain, you have to be careful about the exercises you choose. Fitness workout DVDs that have you throwing your body all over the place as a beginner aren't going to do you much good. Look for home workout DVDs that include beginner and intermediate variations so that you can do the exercise within your limitations, yet keep pushing yourself as you get stronger. It's important with home workout DVDs to know the difference between good muscle pain and injury-causing pain, and Horton cautions you about exercise that is hurting in the wrong place.

If your ab workout videos are causing mild discomfort at the beginning as you warm up, that can be expected. But ab routines should not cause pain lasting more than 15 minutes. (WebMD) Good fitness videos stress the importance of proper form to protect your joints and ligaments, and this is doubly important with a bad back. However, a properly performed 6 pack ab workout will actually help to improve your posture and ease your pain. Sometimes a shorter fitness workout DVD, such as Horton's 10-Minute Trainer®, might better fit your back's readiness level for exercise (but don't think short equals easy).