6 Pack Ab Workout Videos

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Too many ab workout videos get it wrong.

Do your abs workout videos include insanely detailed calorie counting instructions? Toss them. A nutrition plan does not require a scale and extensive calorie counts to augment your abs workouts. A good nutrition plan that focuses on healthy eating will feed you all the nutrients you need, fulfill your caloric needs and leave you feeling satisfied. Home workout DVDs, such as Tony Horton's P90X® and Shaun T's INSANITY®, include sensible and easy-to-follow nutrition plans.

The greatest lie of abs workout videos and gimmick machines is that you can target belly fat. Fat burning workouts, no matter what the exercise, burn fat from where the body wants to take it from, and usually the last place the body looks for its workout energy is the thighs and triceps for women and the belly for men. (Men's Fitness) You can do ab routines until you can bounce a bowling ball off your belly, but there will probably still be a layer of flab over those muscles until you remove the lumps of fat from the rest of your body.

Remember to give those abs workout videos a rest, too. Too many fitness videos treat the stomach muscles as if the laws of workouts somehow don't apply to them. After a 6 pack abs workout, you have to give those muscles time to rest and recover, just as you would your biceps or your quads. Home workout videos should treat abs workouts as a distinct part of your routine, not some exercise thrown in as filler at the end.

When evaluating abs workout videos, look for ones that make exercises for your core part of a total fitness approach. Ab routines need to be incorporated into other workouts so the whole body is becoming stronger at the same time. Fat burning workouts can't target specific areas, so you need a variety of exercises with high intensity intervals for body-sculpting results. A 6 pack abs workout is just one element in what should be your overall fitness goal.