Weight Loss Programs for Women

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The answer to weight loss for women goes deeper than your scale.

In past decades, weight loss programs for women were measured primarily one way: the scale. Those old weight loss videos had you jumping on the scale each morning to gauge your progress. But the best weight loss DVDs for women today now trumpet other measurements, measurements that are more accurate than just the arbitrary numbers on your bathroom scale. Healthy weight loss means using tools like calipers and a tape measure to determine true body fat.

Weight loss programs for women in the past also didn't inform participants that scales aren't accurate at gauging total health. In addition to measuring your weight, a scale weighs bone, water, muscle, organs, and undigested food, so when those numbers on the scale go up or down, it doesn't represent only fat loss or muscle gain. The best weight loss DVDs for women don't place all the emphasis on weight, and do emphasize total body composition, which is the ratio of fat to lean muscle. Healthy weight loss plans won't have you obsessing over the numbers on the scale, as that obsession can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as bingeing or starving.

Weight loss programs for women that are fixated on just thinness without creating muscle will not prove sustainable in the long run. These weight loss DVDs kill metabolism, in fact, by slowing it down further and further. In the best weight loss DVDs for women, you'll experience high intensity exercises that challenge and push your body to its extreme for short periods of time. And these healthy weight loss plans also teach you how to fuel your body so it can keep reaching new heights of fitness and health, without missing a meal!