Abdominal Workout DVDs and Videos

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Great ab workout DVDs give you cardio, too!

The best ab workout videos for beginners also provide some intense cardio routines. Why cardio with your abdominal exercises? Besides your abdominal workout videos, getting that six pack also means trimming the fat around that area. And supplementing your ab routine with cardio is a great way to start melting the extra fat.

Along with her best ab workout DVDs, trainer Chalene Johnson's TurboFire® program also gives you some jet-powered cardio exercises. Her abdominal exercises are spliced in with intense cardio that combines kicking, punching, and dancing into a fun workout. Her abdominal workout videos are rotated with her cardio videos, so you can build abs and burn the fat. Your ab routine will see better results when you mix it with cardio, and Johnson's aerobic routines keep burning fat for hours after you work out.

When searching for the best ab workout videos, functional fitness programs are also a good place to start. These functional abdominal exercises, that are built around full programs for overall fitness, ensure that your entire body is getting stronger as you progress to that washboard. Abdominal workout DVDs should be just one set in a larger array of DVDs, for a holistic approach to fitness. Functional fitness that incorporates ab routines is great for those just starting, because they ensure that all the muscles are worked.

The best ab workout DVDs aren't solely focused on isolation training. These types of programs, abdominal exercise programs included, tend to create what's called muscular imbalances. Abdominal workout DVDs for first-timers should be overall workouts that include the core. P90X® and TurboFire include ab routines in complete programs that provide functional fitness, as does Tony Horton's terrific 10-Minute Trainer®.