Weight Loss Meal Plans

Choose a weight loss nutrition plan over a quick-fix diet!

Which of the weight loss nutrition plans will work for you? Well, weight loss DVDs that only promote fasting, skipping meals or trimming your eating down are categorically not going to give you what you need for lifelong weight loss. A weight loss meal plan isn't about starvation or a quick fix. Weight loss programs that offer you only a quick fix are really only going to give you temporary results.

For one thing, a weight loss nutrition plan that's a quick-fix diet is usually one that's fixated on the scale. Eating plans and weight loss videos obsessed with what you weigh aren't the way to go for permanent weight loss. A weight loss meal plan revolving around the scale doesn't realize that the scale doesn't tell the whole story. What these weight loss programs don't know is that the scale doesn't measure muscle, or tell you how much fat you have.

A weight loss nutrition plan that's like a crash diet is usually one also fixated on calories. These kinds of weight loss videos constantly require you to count calories, throughout each day. These weight loss meal plans can use meal cards, or have you breaking out your pocket calculator all day long for every meal and snack to ensure that you're staying within the caloric parameters. Weight loss programs utilizing this method can be infuriating and frustrating, and that can lead to you dropping out of the weight loss program.

A calorie-conscious weight loss nutrition plan isn't one that you can build your life around. Do weight loss DVDs or programs like this really expect you to go through the rest of your life counting every calorie? In some cases, weight loss meal plan programs that employ a calorie deficit are needed, for example if you're obese, but what you really need to learn to do is to connect with your food. Truly effective weight loss programs teach you that food is fuel and nutrition, not just a set of numbers, and teach you how to eat for your entire life. (Tony Horton's Blog)