Weight Loss Meal Plans

Choose a weight loss nutrition plan that lets you eat what you love to eat (once in a while, that is).

Instead of a weight loss nutrition plan that's all about a quick fix, find one that teaches you to listen to your body. We're talking about weight loss videos that tell you that it's OK to have a treat once in a (great) while. This is kind of weight loss meal plan is one that doesn't teach you deprivation, but allows you to live! Weight loss programs should let you go off the rails, every so often, so you can enjoy your favorite things, too.

With a weight loss nutrition plan that's geared toward good nutrition and a treat once in while, you're less likely to fail, or to want to binge on those treats, because you've been given the opportunity to enjoy them. Also, if your weight loss DVDs include exercise, your cravings are likely to change, too. These weight loss meal plans will transform those hunger pangs for sugary treats to healthier, whole foods that are nutrient dense. (Tony Horton's Blog) So, under these weight loss programs, if you're listening to these new cravings, you'll be fueling your body with what it needs to keep losing weight and staying healthy.

P90X In fact, a weight loss nutrition plan is only half the answer to a healthier you, as you need exercise, too, to effectively lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss DVDs that combine healthier eating plans with cardio workouts and strength or resistance training build a better you than simply crash dieting. A weight loss meal plan combined with cardio will help you shed fat faster, and if you add strength training, you'll build muscle, which boosts metabolism even more for more fat burning. Weight loss programs from Beachbody® that do all of this include P90X® and 10-Minute Trainer®, as well as INSANITY® and TurboFire®.

Beachbody's nutrition plans come with informative nutrition guides as well. These guides accompanying our weight loss DVDs may be geared toward each specific workout program, but they give you sound advice you can use YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. They include weight loss meal plans, nutritional breakdowns of great foods, and recipes you'll want to make, even after completing the program. The guides for our weight loss programs, as it says in the nutritional guidebook for TurboFire, set "a foundation for making healthy food choices for the rest of your life."