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Five tips for beginning a new weight loss exercise program.

You've looked through the weight loss exercise programs and found the one that's going to do the most good, and get you to your new, trimmer you. The program will show you how to lose weight, and exercise, and teach you how to keep the pounds off. But if those weight loss DVDs look daunting, give a read to the five tips we've compiled below before you begin. Starting the best weight loss program can be smoother sailing if you follow these suggestions.

Many weight loss exercise programs out there will tell you that you'll lose dozens of pounds in just a few days. This is not how to lose weight effectively, and will only set you up, mentally, to fail. So before starting your weight loss DVDs, it's important to set realistic goals for yourself. Even the best weight loss programs don't know you personally!

When starting a weight loss exercise program, set a small, reachable goal first. Then as you learn how to lose weight and you begin to see progress toward that goal, add another small goal on top of the first. Step by step, you'll reach your desired weight and fitness. Weight loss DVD creator Chalene Johnson in TurboFire® suggests beginning with weight loss goals in increments of five pounds. Johnson's programs are the best weight loss programs you can find because she has helped so many lose weight and get fit. And the home weight loss exercise guru says you can fall into burnout if your weight loss goals are aimed too high at first.

Another tip for your weight loss exercise program success is to schedule a date and time for your workouts, and set it in stone. Commitment is how to lose weight effectively, and you need to dedicate yourself to your new workouts for them to work. Your weight loss DVDs aren't something you can shrug off in your pursuit of the buffer you. Johnson, creator of the best weight loss programs, says it best: "Class always starts when you push Play. But you need to commit to it."