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As you begin your weight loss program, don't deprive your body: Fuel it!

Also, when beginning weight loss exercise programs, this isn't the time to starve! We know how to lose weight by doing that, but when you're enrolling yourself in an exercise program, particularly the vigorous fat burning fitness regimens from Beachbody, you need to fuel your body. Weight loss DVDs that tell you to skip a day of eating are incredibly unhealthy. The best weight loss programs are programs that teach you what to eat, how to exercise, and don't deprive you of a treat once in a while.

Depriving yourself, during your weight loss exercise program, of a favorite treat once in a (great) while can lead to failure, according to fitness experts. This is just not how to lose weight effectively, and doesn't set a template for lifelong eating, either. Weight loss video instructor Tony Horton says it best: "Restrictive diets that cut out favorite flavors will almost always lead to deprivation—and deprivation often leads to bad eating habits." (Tony Horton's Blog) The best weight loss programs, continues Horton, provide you with the nutrition tools so you can create "an eating plan that makes you feel good while eating it. If you do that, then you'll stop the weight-loss-weight-gain cycle."

Another thought for weight loss exercise program newbies to consider: Don't overfeed yourself either! You're learning how to lose weight, and that doesn't mean that you reward a great workout with a bacon double cheeseburger and fries afterward. For weight loss videos, treats can occur once in a while, but Tony Horton's Law # 11 reminds us that a good diet and exercise have to happen at the same time. Taking on the best weight loss programs also means learning about nutrition and the proper ways to power your more buff frame.

Finally, make sure your weight loss exercise program is designed with a variety of exercises to keep your body continually stimulated and to keep your mind focused. You should know how to lose weight doesn't just mean you get on a treadmill or stair climber for 45 minutes every other day. Boring weight loss DVDs and gym machines can kill your will to push yourself. The best weight loss programs include lots of routines that work out all parts of your body and get you some high-stepping, heavy sweatin' cardio, to boot!