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How to Lose Weight, Best Home Weight Loss Exercises, Weight Loss Videos and DVDs

Yes, beginners can start an extreme exercise program for weight loss! (Keep these pointers in mind as you go.)

If you're new to weight loss exercise programs, those extreme home fitness DVDs can look mighty intimidating. Especially if you're looking at how to lose weight, and not aiming to make the finals at a bodybuilding competition! But these ARE weight loss DVDS, and will get you thinner even if you're not very athletic. The DVDs can be the best weight loss programs for a number of reasons, including focusing you on overall fitness, not just dropping pounds.

For starters, extreme weight loss exercise programs get you moving toward adding some muscle, which is good! You may think how to lose weight is only through cardio activity and eating fewer calories to create a calorie deficit. Yes, many weight loss DVDs do prescribe this and this approach often leaves you with little extra muscle mass, which will help maintain weight loss. So the best weight loss programs also include strength training to build up muscle. Weight loss exercise programs that include strength training shape your body from the inside.

P90X The Mayo Clinic knows how to lose weight, and it notes the benefits of more muscle: "Since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, muscle mass is a key factor in weight loss." (Mayo Clinic) Weight loss videos that include strength and resistance routines, then, can give you an added edge in dropping pounds, even for newbies. One of the best weight loss programs that does this is Tony Horton's P90X®.

Smart weight loss exercise programs like P90X will also include a Fit Test, so that non-athletes can be certain they're right for the program. If you're looking how to lose weight, and not to get ripped with giant muscles, then the Fit Test will certainly let you know. In the P90X weight loss DVDs package, the Fit Test gauges your level of fitness through a series of physical exercises. This ensures it's the best weight loss program for your needs.